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Obituary Professor Gordon Rosen

9 May 1926 - 22 July 2015

Gorden RosenIt is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Professor Gordon Rosen in July 2015. He was 89 years old. Gordon was an exceptional animal scientists and a wonderful character who will be greatly missed. Gordon started out by completing a degree in chemistry, at a younger age than most students, a taster of his prodigious talents. However, he came to prominence in the 1960’s with his work on antibiotics in animal feed, where his expertise was held in great esteem. His recommendations were so highly thought of he was once flown to the USA on Concorde at very short notice – something he was very proud of. In later times, he ran his own business called Pronutrient Services from his home in Wimbledon, London, where most of you will have had contact with him. Within this work he redefined the term ‘additives’ as ‘pronutrients’ arguing in his own uniquely precise and persuasive manner, that if you had feed ‘additives’, surely you must have ‘subtractives’, and that didn’t make any sense. Instead, he believed that such zootechnical ingredients that contribute to an animals’ digestion, health and performance should be termed ‘pronutrients’ as they complement the nutrition implicit in the diet formulation. Many of us have adopted this term within our own descriptions and writing. Ultimately he established the ‘Rosen evaluation technique’ for feed ingredients, which continues to be used for product evaluations and to improve trial design.
I first met Gordon in a taxi on the way to a poultry meeting in Peebles in Scotland in the mid-1990’s, and found him a great source of knowledge and fun. With my status as a recently qualified PhD, he became a mentor for me, and we worked together on many projects over the years – all of which were intellectually taxing, but incredibly useful in the understanding of the conditions required for the performance of feed ingredients in various species. Many people remember Gordon as the sweet old man sat at the front of conference sessions, who would deliver killer questions to the unsuspecting or poorly prepared. He was a stickler for proper statistics and trial design especially. His particular application of science to animal nutrition was highly logical and very descriptive – and allowed many commercial companies and end users to better understand the application of feed related products.
Gordon remained an enthusiastic scientist well into his retirement, and was honoured with emeritus positions in the USA and various honours from his peers in recognition of his contribution to science. He was a resolute supporter of animal science, and was financially very generous to the WPSA in supporting the membership. He was the first ever sponsor of the World’s Poultry Science Journal – a fact that was used to lever financial support from many large institutions over time. As a person, he was always fun to be with, and I personally have had many good nights out with Gordon over the years – as I know many of you have done. Sadly, in the last couple of years Gordon, then in his late 80’s, became frail and was diagnosed with dementia, leading to him requiring 24 hour care. His lovely wife Vanda has been by his side throughout his recent illness, and our thoughts go to her and his family in this difficult time.
Our thanks to the organisers (especially Dr. Mamduh Sifri) of the Poultry Science Association in the USA who honoured Gordon by naming the highly popular informal nutrition symposium after him at their July meeting. The board of the WPSA will be announcing how they intend to honour his memory at their meeting in Prague in August. A memorial service is being planned probably at the UK 2016 Spring Meeting, and members of WPSA, BSAS and PSA will be notified of the arrangements as soon as they are organised. Details will be on the relevant websites. Please pass the information onto those who knew Gordon and may wish to attend but may be missed via these channels.

Dr Lucy Waldron

WPSA Scholarship Awards 2016

The Foundation for Promoting Poultry Science of the Netherlands Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association has announced that the sixth group of awards will be presented at the XXV World’s Poultry Congress to be organized from September 5-9, 2016 in Beijing, China. The awards are this time made in each of two categories – Education and Research - which form part of the wording on the WPSA logo. An internationally representative committee chosen by the Board of the Foundation for Promoting Poultry Science will decide on recipients. While it is anticipated that one award will be made in each category, this may vary depending on the number and quality of submissions.

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Research Award: Agriculture and Food Security Programme

Please note that all applications must be submitted online.
Deadline; August 6, 2015.

IDRC is one of the world’s leaders in generating new knowledge to meet global challenges. We offer a number of research awards providing a unique opportunity to enhance research skills and gain a fresh perspective on crucial development issues. These one‐year, paid, in‐house programs of training and mentorship allow award holders to pursue their research goals and work in one of IDRC’s dynamic program or division teams.

For more information: click here.

Call for applications.

2018 European Poultry Conference

EPC2018The Croatian branch of the WPSA had a very successful year behind, winning in the first ballot and in the second voting cycle in Stavanger, during the EPC 2014.
The preparations for the EPC 2018 already started, and local and international organizing, together with scientific committee will do their best to ensure the diverse and balanced scientific programme that will cover most relevant and up to date scientific topics related to all of the WPSA’s working groups. 
Technical visits will be offered, as well as other social events during the conference. Participation of young poultry experts will be highly encouraged and Youth programme of 3-4 days will be organized in cooperation with universities and poultry producers.

Unique for its impressive medieval forts, churches, monuments and palaces, Dubrovnik is also a modern European city and easily accessible touristic destination with a wide network of transport infrastructure (airport, sea port) and excellent public transportation. Rich cultural heritage and wonderful opportunities to explore the magnificence of the highlands and spectacular scenery of its cost and islands will ensure unforgettable experience to each participant.

In the name of Croatian branch, European Federation of WPSA and entire Croatian poultry community, we extend to you an invitation to visit Croatia and a pearl of Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik, in 2018, September 17-21, for the 15th EPC.

Dubrovnik is expecting you, with hands wide open in September 2018!

President of Croatian Branch
Prof. Dr. Estella Prukner-Radovcic

Family Poultry Communications (FPC)

Please find here herewith the latest issue of FAMILY POULTRY COMMUNICATIONS (FPC). We are very sorry for the delay in its publication, and we will be doing our best to catch up with next issues of FPC!
Feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome and may please be directed to the FPC Editors, Dr. Jean-Claude Fotsa at <jcfotsa@gmail.com> or <fotsajc1@yahoo.fr> and/or Prof. J. Oluwasola Agbede at <joagbede@yahoo.com>. Thank you.

Family Poultry Development
Release of new educational videos

A series of 13 new educational videos for family poultry development have been prepared by FAO based on the training of Associate Poultry Experts that was part of the IFAD-funded project “Smallholder Poultry Development Programme”. The videos are prepared for self study of technical staffs and for use in training sessions. They highlight the general role and situation of family poultry and their contribution to food security, income generation and gender equality; give information about family poultry nutrition and feeding in the different production systems; address topics of poultry health and disease control; and give information about the importance of assessing the economic aspects in family poultry development. They can be accessed at:


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