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19-23 October 2014
Jeju Island, South Korea
10th Asian Pacific Poultry Conference

New website FAO-INFPD

Please be kindly informed that the FAO-INFPD website has been updated and renewed. It is now available in the three official languages of INFPD, English/French/Spanish, under:


The old site, www.fao.org/ag/againfo/themes/en/infpd/home.html, will be taken offline but all relevant information will be available through the new website.

With our warm regards,
E. Fallou Guèye, Ph.D.
INFPD Coordinator


Death of Dr Trevor Bagust,
President of the World Veterinary Poultry Association

Poultry veterinarians and avian health scientists around the world have been saddened by the death of the president of the World Veterinary Poultry Association the Australian, Dr Trevor Bagust, who died suddenly in early March and whose funeral service was held in his home town of Port Fairy on 11th March.
Dr Bagust had assumed the presidency at WVPA’s Cancun Conference in 2011 and had been at the helm of WVPA in an evolutionary time when, among other things, the Asian membership was expanded and the first WVPA Asian Conference had been held. He was also the driving force behind the creation of the WVPA Hall of Honour which recognises the contribution of great veterinarians and scientists in the in the avian health field. The first group of these eminent individuals was inducted into the Hall of Honour in 2013 at WVPA’s Nantes Congress in France. Naturally, Dr Trevor Bagust was in this first intake. Another milestone in WVPA’s history during Trevor’s presidency, was the establishment of the annual Young Poultry Veterinarian Award which recognises exceptional young poultry veterinarians and was first awarded in 2012.
Prior to his time in WVPA, Dr Bagust had been actively involved in the Australasian Veterinary Poultry Association and was instrumental in taking the WVPA’s Global Congress to his home city of Melbourne in 1993.
Dr Bagust’s poultry career started in the field in Australia where he developed Australian SPF stock and then took this technology into China and other parts of the third world. During his time in China he developed friendships that have lasted to this day. His contributions to the understanding of chicken diseases was second to none and his is particularly remembered in this context in the field of poultry viral diseases and, in particular, infectious laryngotracheitis. In case of the latter, a vaccine which he developed and patented many years ago is still used today.
In the latter years of his professional career, he joined the staff of the University of Melbourne in Australia where he became the ‘founding father’ of Avian Health on Line which has become the leading on line postgraduate avian health educational resource and still operates globally today.
Within WVPA, Dr Bagust while always be remembered for his pipe smoking, his banter with British and South African colleagues on cricket and rugby. The greatest memory for many will be of Trevor as a friend, advisor and mentor of poultry colleagues around the world with whom he always had time to share his wisdom and knowledge.
“Trevor was a wonderful person, a great poultry veterinarian and an inspired leader”, concluded his WVPA Executive colleagues, “and our thoughts and sympathies go out to his wife, Joanne, daughters and grandchildren”.

Family Poultry Development
Release of new educational videos

A series of 13 new educational videos for family poultry development have been prepared by FAO based on the training of Associate Poultry Experts that was part of the IFAD-funded project “Smallholder Poultry Development Programme”. The videos are prepared for self study of technical staffs and for use in training sessions. They highlight the general role and situation of family poultry and their contribution to food security, income generation and gender equality; give information about family poultry nutrition and feeding in the different production systems; address topics of poultry health and disease control; and give information about the importance of assessing the economic aspects in family poultry development. They can be accessed at:


WPC 2012 - Proceedings CD

The updated proceedings CD is available here.

New INFPD website

You can visit the new INFPD website here.

Request printed copy WPSJ (members only)

Due to the very high costs of printing and distribution of printed copies of the journals, along with environmental considerations, the Board has decided that, from June 2013, all members will only have online access to the Journal, and WPSA will cease to provide printed copies, unless individual members have specifically requested (in writing or email) to retain a printed copy. Whilst there is no planned extra charge for receiving a print copy, we would be grateful if all members can consider the extra costs to the WPSA as well as keep environmental considerations in mind when deciding the format of Journal they wish to receive. Reductions in journal costs will mean that the Board will have more funds to spend on other essential areas, such as travel grants and speakers bureau.

A print copy can be requested by completing the form on the website or by sending an e-mail to wpsa@xs4all.nl or to your Branch Secretary.

This information is also available in Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish.


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