Tuesday, 31 May 2016
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Ir Douwe Ehlhardt1936 – 2016 With great sadness we have lost a good friend and scientist. On February 1, 2016 Ir Douwe Arnold Ehlhardt ...
Dear INFPD Members, The following paper, just published online, may be of interest to you… Hailemichael, A., Gebremedhin, B., Gizaw, S. ...
Dear Colleagues, The 25th World's Poultry Congress (WPC2016) is going to be held from September 5 to 9 in Beijing,China. We are looking forward to ...
The UK Branch was represented by Dr Aidan Leek at the 2015 meeting of European Working Group 2 (WG2), which was held in conjunction ...
On the 15th of October 2015, the UK branch hosted a roundtable meeting of WPSA Working Group Number 1: Economics and Marketing ...
In 2015, WPSA awarded Mariana Moraes, a doctoral student in Brasil, a Travel Grant to present her research at the scientific meetings in Atlanta ...

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Articles in upcoming Journals

  • K. Ognik - The potential for using enzymatic assays to assess the health of turkeys
  • H. Classen - The role of the crop in poultry production
  • S. Swiatkiewicz - The use of cottonseed meal as a protein source for poultry: an updated review
  • I. Egbuniwe - Physiological roles of avian eyes in light perception and their responses to photoperiodicity
  • D. Ljubojević - Link between pesticide use and the survival of grey partridge Perdix perdix
  • H. Al-Khalifa - Polyunsaturated fatty acids and immune cel subpopulations in peripheral blood, spleen, and thymus
  • D. Ljubojević - Epidemiological significance of poultry litter for spreading the antibiotic-resistant strains of Escherichia coli
  • H. Anwar - Efficacy of various post-moult feed supplementations in poultry: an emprical review

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