Friday, March 24, 2023
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Date: 24 March 2023

Date: 10 April 2023

WPSA is present at

  • 14-15 March 2023, 12th International Poultry Show and Seminar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 16-18 May 2023, Pan African Conference, Lomé, Togo
  • 7-9 September 2023, EggMeat Symposia, Krakow, Poland


MacDougall recipients

macdougallThe first Award was presented to Major Macdougall during the Final Plenary Session of the XIIth World's Poultry Congress in Sydney, Australia. In announcing the Award and presenting the Medal, President Alp said: "The Council of the World's Poultry Science Association has initiated an award to mark its appreciation of outstanding services from which it has benefited. The new award is the 'Macdougall Medal' and the first recipient is Major Ian Macdougall in whose honour it has been struck.

Major Macdougall has served the Association for over three decades and its growth and development have been in no small measure due to his continued efforts".

World's Poultry Science Journal (1962) 18(4): 371

heuser macdougallIn 1962, on the occasion of the 12th World's Poultry Congress in Sydney, Australia, the World's Poultry Science Association instituted the Macdougall Award for meritorious service to the Association and the Poultry Industry. The first recipient of the Award was Major Ian Macdougall, present Secretary of WPSA in whose honour a Gold Medal (World's Poultry Science Journal 18(4) 1962: 371) was struck to accompany the Award.

The second recipient of the Award, Dr Gustave Frederick Heuser, was unanimously selected on the occasion of the 13th Congress during August, 1966, in Kiev, USSR. Formal announcement of the Award was made on the occasion of the First Annual Meeting of the USA Branch of WPSA, held in connection with the Fact Finding Conference of the Institute of American Poultry Industries in Kansas City, Missouri, on February 10, 1967.
Dr Heuser became a member of WPSA in 1923. He was appointed Secretary-Treasurer during the same year, succeeding the late Professor Lippincott. Dr Heuser was Editor of Poultry Science, the American poultry research journal from 1922 to 1941. In 1945 he became Editor for WPSA, reviving the official organ of the Association under its present name, the World's Poultry Science Journal. On retirement from Cornell University in 1957, he resigned editorship of the Journal. Dr Heuser was appointed Honorary Past Secretary of WPSA, when he resigned his Treasurer and Assistant-Secretary duties in 1958.
As an Officer of the Association, Dr Heuser attended nine World's Poultry Congresses as follows: 1924-2nd, Barcelona, Spain, 1927-3rd, Ottawa, Canada, 1930-4th, London, England, 1936-6th Leipzig, Germany, 1939-7th, Cleveland, Ohio, 1948-8th Copenhagen, Denmark, 1951-9th Paris, France, 1954-10th Edinburgh, Scotland, 1958-11th, Mexico City, Mexico.
Dr Heuser was the third person in the USA to receive a PhD degree in Poultry Science. In 1918 he was appointed Assistant Professor at Cornell University where he had been Instructor since 1916. While on leave of absence from Cornell University during the year 1926-27, he initiated poultry work at Dartington Hall School and Estate, Totnes, Devon, England. He was promoted to Professor of Poultry Husbandry in 1922 and Professor Emeritus on his retirement in 1957. Since 1957 Dr Heuser has been Consultant-Director of Research for the Stone Mountain Grit Co. of Lithonia, Georgia.
In the USA Dr Heuser's activities have emphasized research and teaching in poultry nutrition. His first book was published by John Wiley and Sons, Feeding Poultry, in 1946 with a 2nd edition, 1955 in English and Spanish languages. He was co-author of Poultry Management, a J.B. Lippincott Co. book by Heuser, Hall and Bruckner published in 1952. Dr Heuser's technical and semi-technical articles on poultry nutrition number in excess of 200.
Dr Heuser has received several awards including election to Fellow of A.A.A.S. in 1934 and Fellow of P.S.A. in 1945. In 1951 he was decorated by the Government of France as Officer "du Merite Agricole". He is a member of the honour society of Sigma Xi and the American Association of University Professors.

World's Poultry Science Journal (1967) 23(2): 164-165


jaapAt the closing Plenary Session of the XVth World Poultry Congress held in New Orleans in August 1974 the Treasurer of the WPSA was presented with the Macdougall Medal. In making the presentation on behalf of the Association the Secretary said that the award was the highest within the power of the Association to give and that the medal was given solely for efforts materially benefiting the WPSA on the recommendation of the Council. On these grounds Dr Jaap fully deserved the award, which was only the fourth given in the history of the Association. Dr Jaap had been Treasurer for over seventeen years. He had been the Editor of the Association's Journals for fifteen years and had served the WPSA well in many capacities.

World's Poultry Science Journal (1974) 30(4): 319

unknownBy a large majority vote of the WPSA Council George May, M.B.E. has become the third member of the Association to receive the Macdougall Medal. This is the highest award within the power of the Association to grant and was initiated in 1962. At the time when the first award was made (to the late Major Macdougall) the minutes of the WPSA recorded the following statement by the then President of the Association: "The Council of the World's Poultry Science Association initiated an award to mark its appreciation of outstanding services from which it (the WPSA) has benefited". Major Macdougall was the first to receive the Medal in 1962. Dr Heuser (Hon. Past Secretary) of USA was the second recipient in 1966. George May becomes - with every justification - the third member to join this select group. George is, of course, Production Manager of the WPSA Journal, a post to which he was appointed in 1964 and in which he still continues. But while the steady improvement in the presentation of our Journal is widely recognised this was by no means the sole reason for the support he received from almost 90 per cent of the Councilors voting. The citation offered on his behalf by the first Branch proposing him for the award reads: "Mr May came to the 'rescue' of the Association at the time of Macdougall's sudden death by at once taking over the secretarial duties and maintaining the WPSA Office in operation. One of the major claims advanced on behalf of Mr May for the award is that the WPSA manifestly owes its existence at this time to Mr May who gave up other activities to ensure the survival of the WPSA".
Mr May, who has been a member of the Association for about 40 years, is, of course, a familiar figure in the WPSA and is personally known to a large section of the membership through his regular attendance at Congresses and Conferences. But members may not be so well-acquainted with other aspects of his career. His first 'job' was with the British Army at the outbreak of the War in 1914 which he joined as a volunteer. At this stage he evinced his single major handicap which many of us share, a weakness in arithmetic - the minimum age for the Army was 18, George was under 17.
At the end of hostilities George began a career in journalism and soon became sub-editor of "Poultry World", the leading poultry journal in the UK. From this stage onwards poultry and journalism became his dual interests in life. He was appointed Editor of "Poultry World" in 1933 and continued in that position until his retirement in 1962.
George has to his credit more honours and awards than probably any other in the profession of journalism He is the proud possessor of the M.B.E. (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire), having appeared in the Prime Minister's list in the 1963 New Year's Honours. He is alone in having received the three top honours of the British Poultry Industry - the B.O.C.M. Poultry Award (1959), the Goodchild Trophy of the British Turkey Federation (1960) and a Distinguished Service to the Industry Award of the British Poultry & Egg Producers Association (1961).

World's Poultry Science Journal (1972) 28(4): 388

coles When one reaches retirement age, we no longer keep his or her actual chronological age a secret. Therefore, I can tell you that the recipient of the Macdougall Award at this Congress is none other than our Past President and current Secretary, Dr Rupert Coles, who was born in 1910. It has been my pleasure to know and to work with Dr Coles for a considerable period of time. I am indebted, however, to his devoted wife, Peggy, and his long-time and honoured friend, Dr Bob Gordon, our Journal editor, for much of the detailed information about Dr Coles.
I have in my possession a lot of facts an details I could share with you, concerning our Award recipient. But I have elected to be somewhat discreet and not tell all that I know. 
Dr Coles had an outstanding academic career. He was graduated with a baccalaureate degree, with honours, from King's College, University of London in 1931 and became a Research Scholar of King´s in 1932. He was awarded his doctorate in 1934, in Natural Sciences. Not satisfied with this he took an MSc in Economics in 1938 and MSc in Agriculture in 1949. He was awarded a Doctor of Science degree at Bonn University in 1960 and an Honorary Doctor of Science degree in Mexico in 1958.
Much of this work was done while he was employed full time in the UK Ministry of Agriculture, in the Markets Division of Eggs, later in the Land Fertility Division, and finally as Chief Poultry Advisory Officer, a post he filled with distinction from 1945 to 1969.
There is more to Rupert, however, than the race for academic honours. He took a full part in the life of King´s College and represented his University in three sports / running, boxing, and rugby football / no mean achievement. And he is still first out of the blocks at opening time! He has been awarded a number of prizes and medals, and accorded other well-deserved recognition.
Rupert, as many of his friends call him, joined the World's Poultry Science Association in 1946. He was the UK member of the Publications Committee and assisted the late Percy Blount, Dr Bob Gordon, and Dr A.W. Greenwood in forming the UK Branch of WPSA. He led the Poultry Delegation to the USA on Poultry Stock Improvement which turned out to be a a major contribution to the commercial poultry industry in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.
Rupert became President of the UK online casino for canadians Branch in 1951 and Vice President of WPSA in 1952. He was elected President at the Mexican Congress in 1958 and is now serving as an Honorary Past President. He became Secretary in 1970.
Since retirement in 1969, Rupert has been to various countries for FAO, painted, sculpted, and made reproductions of early fire-arms. He and Peggy will shortly celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.
All will agree that Rupert has done a magnificent job as our Secretary, as with all of his other posts, and has been a major influence in increasing our membership.
Rupert is a meticulous worker and never spares effort to get things right. He is a forthright speaker and is more than useful with his pen.
Rupert is always easily recognized by his bow tie and red carnation. His Churchillian Bulldog expression and his biting wit cannot hide a warm heart. The hospitality of Rupert and his wife, Peggy will long be remembered by those who have enjoyed it.
No one is a more worthy recipient of the Macdougall Medal than Dr Rupert Coles.

World's Poultry Science Journal (1978) 34(4): 196-197


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