Saturday, December 03, 2022
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Date: 06 December 2022


Training Workshop Objectives

  • The prime objective of the training workshop is to decrease the losses caused by decrease in fertility in aging broiler breeders 
  • To reduce the hatchability losses which occur due to mismanagement and male behavior.
  • To reduce the cost by reducing the males number for sustainable broiler breeder production.
  • To produce the more chicks than breed standard.
  • To produce the skilled workers and professionals in broiler breeder industry for optimal efficiency of breeding hens.
  • To ensure the food security through maximum broiler chick production in country.

Training Workshop Applications

This workshop will be beneficial to the persons associated with the broiler breeder production, and are keen to increase the efficiency of their business by the use artificial insemination.

This workshop will make participants able to:

  • Understand the causes of decreased fertility in broiler breeders.
  • Acquire the deep understating of avian reproductive system.
  • Trained the technical as well as non-technical manpower for the basic and advanced concepts of semen production, collection, and quality determination in broiler breeders.
  • Learn the diseases associated with the reproductive performance in poultry.
  • Advise the nutritional interventions to increase the semen production and quality in broiler breeders.
  • Perform the artificial insemination in broiler breeders.

Contact Persons

Dr Nasir Mukhtar, , WhatsApp +923007200074
Dr Zaib-ur-Rehman, , WhatsApp +923000112990

For more information and programme click here.


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