Wednesday, 22 November 2017
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Deadline for submission of Branch Development Proposals is January 1st

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In the Board meeting held during WPC2016 in Beijing, China, the Board decided to increase the funds available for Branch Development by making a ...
Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing is a new “climate-smart” publisher in agricultural science. We are building a collection of review chapters, each ...
  Poultry Quality Evaluation1st EditionQuality Attributes and Consumer Values Editors: Massimiliano Petracci Cecile Berri ...
Dr Herbert H. SiegelAugust 29, 1926 - July 11, 2017 Dr Herbert H. Siegel, Vice-President of WPSA (1996-2000), passed on July 11. His poultry ...
1948 - 2017 It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of Marcelo J. Schang, a long term member of WPSA Branch Argentina. Marcelo Schang ...
The 10th European Symposium of Poultry Genetics (ESPG) took place from the 26th to the 28th of June in Saint-Malo, France. It was organised by the ...
  Report COMBINED 2017 MEETING of the Incubation and Fertility Research Group (IFRG/WPSA Working Group 6) and the Fundamental Physiology ...
  170 delegates from Europe and North America attended the XVII European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products and XXIII European ...
In late September 2017, it was my pleasure to team up with Past President Edir da Silva for WPSA's programmes in Guadalajara. The day before the ...

Dr Herbert H. Siegel
August 29, 1926 - July 11, 2017

herb siegel 145x140Dr Herbert H. Siegel, Vice-President of WPSA (1996-2000), passed on July 11. His poultry career followed the Triad Law, commonly known as ‘The Rule of 3’ i.e. beginning (farmer), middle (scientist) and end (administrator). After poultry farming for a few years, Herb returned to university and upon completing the PhD from Penn State joined the faculty of the Poultry Science Department at Virginia Tech where it was my good fortune to share an office with him. During those seven years Herb exposed and taught me much about the physiology of stress in birds. Our relationship, however was much more than collegial – we developed a friendship which has continued over decades. Herb was a ‘Renaissance man’, not only a fine scientist, he was a student of history, lover of sports, food, and music (try as he may he could not get me to enjoy listening to the Sunday afternoon radio broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera).
One of the high points of interacting with Herb was when he received the Poultry Science Association Research Award in 1961 for the paper ‘The relationship of social competition with endocrine weights and activity in male chickens’. This classic paper from over half a century ago demonstrates his visionary studies on the welfare of poultry.
In the mid-1960s Herb resigned from Virginia Tech to become a Research Physiologist with USDA-ARS. There, as a scientist and research director, he gained world-wide recognition for his studies involving stress physiology and disease resistance in poultry. A recipient of the British Poultry Science Gordon Medal of Research, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Poultry Science Association, a Fulbright-Hays Scholar at Wageningen, he routinely attended WPSA events. As Editor-in- Chief of Poultry Science from 1981-1986 and again from 1995-2002 he had a role in enhancing the scientific endeavours of others.
In 1984, Herb returned to his alma mater, Penn State where he served as Head of Poultry Science Department – The third leg of his journey. I recall very much a conversation during his retirement party at Penn State in 1991. Herb said that when he returned from serving in World War II and while farming that there was the ‘pull’ to do research with poultry. To do so was a big decision, yet doable because he had the full support of Rhea. Although ‘a star’, Herb was always humble and unselfish in crediting his family and others. The path he took enriched the lives of many, not the least of which is yours truly. Herb was a ‘mensch’.

Paul B. Siegel


Articles in upcoming Journals

  • Gautam Khillare - Molecular and biochemical events in sperm storage tubules of oviduct in birds
  • Hanan Al-Khalifa - Productive performance as affected by different strains of laying hens, with special reference to the brown and white laying hens
  • Nuhad Daghir - Availability, quality and utilisation of oil seed meals produced in the Middle East and North Africa regions
  • Ebru Onbasilar - Fattening performance and meat quality of Pekin ducks under different rearing systems
  • Naga Raja Kallam - Ameliorative measures to counter heat stress in poultry
  • Sun Chao - The use of chicoric acid from Echinacea purpurea as a feed additive in poultry nutrition
  • Robert Swick - Unlocking the potential health and growth benefits of macroscopic algae for poultry
  • Rob Gous - Nutritional and environmental effects on broiler uniformity
  • Imran Rajput - Lycopene: a natural antioxidant for prevention of heat-induced oxidative stress in poultry
  • Felipe Dalólio - Dietary chromium supplementation for heat-stressed broilers
  • Ebru Onbasilar - Light wavelength on different poultry species

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