Date: 26 January 2021

About this webinar:

If the poultry industry looks towards the future, as it often does, the year 2050 is mentioned a lot. This is the year the United Nations uses as a reference point for its forecasts in which it expects the worlds population will grow to over 9 billion people. Knowing this number means knowing how many mouths need to be fed in that year – with implications for the poultry industry. Production needs expanding, efficiency needs enhancing, and sustainability needs improving. Greater efficiency is essential, while at the same time ensuring bird welfare and preserving our earth for future generations. The two main drivers to reach these goals are genetics on the one hand and nutrition on the other. Genetic advancements and meticulous selection for improvement of poultry production within the last 15 years have advanced biological efficiency, environmental adaptability and overall quality. The birds are up for the challenge, as is our knowledge about feed. Optimum nutrition, with the right additives and enzymes to make sure every nutrient is available for the bird, is the cornerstone of sustainable production.


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15:00 PM CET

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