Building a robust disease control programme

Date: 22 June 2021

Dr Ewoud Kampschoer will explain how to set up an effective disease monitoring program and what can be the value of such a program within your company. He takes vaccination programs into account and will discuss with you what is the difference between vaccination control and disease control.




Dr. Ewoud Kampschoer

Trainee Veterinarian, Cobb Europe

Ewoud Kampschoer graduated in 2019 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht (the Netherlands). After finishing the Master’s degree in farm animal health and veterinary public health he started working for Cobb-Europe as the official company veterinarian in the Netherlands. His primary job is to support our Dutch grandparents farms and our hatchery’s. Also he is involved in veterinary related subjects at our pedigree farm. Together with the rest of the QA team they make sure that they have the best possible biosecurity and monitoring programs for our birds. Prevention is always better than cure!



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