Thursday, December 01, 2022
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Hybrid Meeting

Facta Symposium on Salmonella 2022

Date: 18 October 2022 - 19 October 2022

FACTA symposium on Salmonella will bring analyzes of new and different focuses of attention for the poultry industry

In person and online, FACTA will promote on October 18th and 19th the FACTA Symposium on Salmonella

Salmonella is a major public health problem. And when it comes to international market issues, Brazil is the largest exporter of poultry products in the world. Quality, efficiency and also microbiological quality are always under review.
All the care that involves Salmonella is of great importance for the country's poultry production. Therefore, FACTA will promote, in person and online, on October 18th and 19th, the FACTA Symposium on Salmonella.

The purpose of the event's agenda is to bring information other than what is regularly presented about Salmonella. We are going to bring other environments for Salmonella control, such as in the feed factories, in the last moments before slaughter, what is done in the pre-slaughter and that impacts inside the slaughterhouse, the good practices within the slaughterhouses and slaughterhouses so that have a lower risk for Salmonella.

The event is aimed at everyone who works with poultry, both cutting and laying and also turkeys. The participation of Universities will also be very important, with internationally renowned speakers with a lot of experience that can be useful for the entire poultry sector in the country.

The FACTA Symposium on Salmonella will bring what is most up-to-date and open the way for the entire chain to talk and act together.

Our objective is to bring more and more information to the poultry sector.




All Dates

  • From 18 October 2022 to 19 October 2022

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