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Breeder Management & Nutrition Webinar Series

17 October 2022 - 20 October 2022
Extra information
Begins 7 am CDT | 2 pm CET | 7 pm GMT+7. Each day lasts approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes

Begins 7 am CDT | 2 pm CET | 7 pm GMT+7. Each day lasts approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes

Join us for this webinar series featuring 11 authors from our latest publication, Breeder Management and Nutrition: Moving the industry forward, which debuted at the World Poultry Congress in August 2022. See below for topics for each day's talks.

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MondayOctober 17

Breeder management and nutrition

Moderated by Hugo Romero PhD., Novus Executive Manager — Global Poultry Solutions

  • Introduction
  • Housing, equipment and management of broiler breeders — Rick van Emous, PhD.Wageningen Livestock Research
  • Management of the male breeder — Edgar Oviedo, PhD., North Carolina State University
  • Macrominerals: Calcium, phosphorus, and electrolytes — Hugo Romero PhD., Novus Executive Manager — Global Poultry Solutions
  • Trace mineral nutrition in breeder hens — Silvia Peris, PhD., Novus Spain
  • Interactive Q&A


Tuesday, October 18

Feed restriction

Moderated by Manish Singh, Novus Executive Marketing Manager — APEC

  • Introduction
  • Quantitative feed restriction and reproductive performance — Aitor Arrazola, PhD., Purdue University
  • Effects of breeder feed restriction on behaviour, welfare, reproduction, and health — Rick van Emous, PhD., Wageningen Livestock Research
  • The effects of qualitative feed restriction on performance, behavior and welfare of broiler breeders — Henk Enting, PhD., Cargill
  • Get pullets prepared for performance under feed restriction — Matt Beker, Regional Technical Services Director, APEC, Novus
  • Interactive Q&A


Wednesday, October 19


Moderated by Mercedes Vazquez-Anon, Novus Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives

  • Introduction
  • Maternal programming of the offspring — Rebecca Forder, PhD., The University of Adelaide
  • Opportunities for multi- and transgenerational feeding strategies for sustainable broiler breeder management — Johan Buyse, PhD., KU Leuven
  • Harnessing epigenetics to improve chick quality with trace mineral zinc — Juxing Chen, PhD., Novus International
  • Interactive Q&A


ThursdayOctober 20


Moderated by Bob Buresh, Novus Executive Technical Services Manager

  • Introduction
  • Breeder management during rearing: A Cobb perspective — Juan Carlos Abad, DVM, Cobb
  • Layer breeding: Past, present, and future perspectives — David Cavero, PhD., H&N
  • How trace minerals contribute to sustainability — Karen Wedekind, Novus International
  • Interactive Q&A

All Dates

  • From 17 October 2022 to 20 October 2022

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