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The name of the group was the Incubation Research Group (IRG) up to 1995 when it was decided to expand the remit of the group to include fertility and so the name was changed to the Incubation and Fertility Research Group (IFRG). In 1998, an association was made between the World's Poultry Science Association when the IFRG adopted the European Branches' Working Group 6 - Reproduction.

The Chairs of Working Group 6 – Reproduction have been:

Dr Glenn Baggott
Dr Nick French
Marleen Boerjan

Each annual meeting has had a local organizer. Meeting dates, locations and organizers are given below.

Year Location Organizer
1998 University of Warwick, UK
15-16 September
Glenn Baggott
1999 Vinci Conference Centre, Tours, France
21 September
Jean-Pierre Brillard
2000 St Edmund's Hall, University of Oxford, UK
11-12 September
Charles Deeming
2001 St Edmund's Hall, University of Oxford, UK
17-18 September
Charles Deeming
2002 St Edmund's Hall, University of Oxford, UK
12-13 September
Charles Deeming
2003 University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK
4-5 September
Charles Deeming
2004 University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK
6-7 September
Charles Deeming
2005 University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK
6-7 September
Charles Deeming
2006 University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK
7-8 September
Charles Deeming
2007 University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
24-25 July
Victoria Maltby
2008 Moorfields Hospital, London, UK
3-4 September
Victoria Maltby
2009 University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
7-8 July
Victoria Hurst
2010 Tours, France
23 August
Nick French
2011 Ede, The Netherlands
30-31 August
Nick French
2012 Pisa, Italy
13-15 June
Margherita Marzoni and Annelisse Castillo
2013 Gottingen, Germany
30 September - 1 October
Marleen Boerjan
2014  Lunteren, The Netherlands
29-30 September
Marleen Boerjan 
2015 Berlin, Germany
1-4 September 2015
Combined with Working Group 12
Marleen Boerjan (WG 6)
Shlomo Yahav (WG12)

Further details of Working Group 6 can be obtained from the website or by contacting the current Chairman:
Dr Ir Marleen Boerjan (The Netherlands)

Working Group Information

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