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sauveurBernard Sauveur was born in Tours, France in 1942. After gaining an Agricultural degree in Paris in 1965, he started his scientific involvement in the poultry sector with an appointment as Research Assistant at the Poultry Research Station at Jouy en Josas. Here he worked on albumen quality problems. In 1970 he became a Research Officer at the Poultry Research Station, Nouzilly and four years later obtained his Doctor of Science from Tours University.

From the beginning of his involvement with research at Nouzilly, his interests gradually widened to include the effects of dietary control and egg storage on egg quality; the mineral nutrition of layers and broilers and the role of the anion:cation balance; vitamin D metabolism; specific calcium appetite in laying birds; phytic phosphorus utilization by layers; intermittent lighting programmes for layers and the feeding of geese and Muscovy duck breeding stock. He was thus the obvious choice for the appointment of Research Director at Nouzilly in 1977. Subsequently (1985) he became Director of the Poultry Research Station and this was followed in 1990 by his appointment to the position of General Director of the INRA Research Centre, Nouzilly with responsibility for a team of 180 scientists and 550 support staff.
Among Bernard Sauveur's many other activities and offices, mention should be made of his role as an expert on egg quality problems for the EEC Commission and in commercial litigation; as Coordinator of the European studies that led up to the regulations on water content in frozen poultry; his Presidency of the Scientific Committee of the French Turkey Breeders' Organization (since 1988); membership of the Certification Committee of 'Qualité France' (from 1991); and membership of the French Organization for Poultry Breeding (from 1985).
Dr Sauveur has been the author of about 200 papers published in scientific and professional journals. In the world of publishing he founded the scientific journal INRA Productions Animales in 1988 and is Scientific adviser to 'INRA Editions'. He was author of Reproduction des Volailles et Productions d'Oeufs (INRA, 1988) and has been editor of books on the feeding of monogastric animals and on Muscovy ducks.
In the sphere of education, Dr Sauveur lectures on reproduction and egg production at Tours University, Ecole Nationale Supérieur Agronomique de Rennes and the Institut National Agronomique de Paris-Grignon, has been involved in various extension activities in the French poultry industry and has undertaken 13 assignments to assist developing countries. Within the WPSA he has been actively involved with the European Federation Working Groups on Egg Quality, Reproduction and Waterfowl and has been a member of the Editorial Board of the WPSJ since 1988.
In 1989 Bernard Sauveur was awarded the Animal Nutrition Prize of the French Association of Feed Manufacturers.
For relaxation Bernard Sauveur enjoys photography, trekking and choir singing - currently he is President of the 'Florilège vocal de Tours' Festival.

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