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randNissan Rand was born in 1930 in Kosice, Czechoslovakia. He migrated with his family to Palestine in 1935. In 1950 Dr Rand moved to the USA where he received the BS degree with distinction in Food Science at Cornell University in 1954.

In 1957 he received the Degree of PhD in Poultry Nutrition and Food Technology. He went to work in industry in June 1957 in the USA. In 1960 Dr Rand returned to Israel where he worked as Director of Nutrition for the Dawe-Abic Pharmaceutical Company. In 1966 he became Chief Scientist of Milouot Food Industries. He was the Chief Nutritionist of Miloubar Central Feed Mill and Director of Research and Development of Poultry and Nutrition Products. Dr Rand served as a member of the Israeli National Research Council and introduced in Israel the concept of quality control for feed. He has taught courses in poultry science at the University of Teheran and has served as poultry advisor and “trouble shooter” in many countries. As a member and then Chairman of the European Working Group (No. 2) on Nutrition, Dr Rand has devoted a great deal of his time to the work of the WPSA. Furthermore, in both Israel and Europe he is a frequent and popular chairman and/or speaker at scientific conferences. In addition, he is known worldwide for his hobby of competitive bridge and has won the title of World Bridge Champion in Albuquerque in 1994 and in Lille, France in 1998.

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