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News Archive

The Pakistan Branch of WPSA held its 2nd general body meeting on 28th November, 2020 at Rawalpindi Pakistan.

As part of that meeting, Dr Khalid Mehmood Shouq, our Past General Secretary, dissolved the current organization, and new Central Executive Board Members were elected to serve for the 2021-2024 tenure period.

Central Executive Board for the Pakistan WPSA Branch for 2021-2024

  • Mian JM Javid (CE of Jadeed group of companies, President
  • Dr Talha Khalid (Director, Fartyal Pharmaceutical - Karachi), Executive Vice President
  • Dr Hanif Nazir (Classified Poultry Consultant), Senior Vice President
  • Dr Fareeha Talha (CE, Fartyal Pharmaceutical- Karachi), Vice President and President of Women’s Wing
  • Dr Nasir Mukhtar (Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi), Secretary General
  • Dr Muhammad Kashif Saleemi (University of Agriculture Faisalabad), Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
  • Masood Qaisar (Editor-in=Chief, Poultry Vision Magazine), Office Coordinator.

The WPSA Pakistan Branch has two zones, and the following members were elected to serve those two zones.

Southern Zone

  • Mr Waqar Alam (Country Manager-Evonic Pakistan), President,
  • Mr Khalid Iqbal (CE Orient Traders Karachi), Executive Vice President,
  • Dr Shahid Waheed (GM A-One Feeds Hyderabad),Senior Vice President,
  • Dr Munawar Hussain Manias (GM Sindh Feeds & Allied Products Karachi), General Secretary
  • Mr Muhammad Shahryar (ICI Karachi), Assistant Secretary

Northern Zone

  • Northern zone elected Dr Asim Mehmood (CE Forward Solution Lahore), President,
  • Mr Sohail Ahmad (Chief Operating Officer-Noor Poultry Pvt Ltd), Executive Vice President,
  • Mr M. Haseeb Ahmad (Director Punjab Chicks Rawalpindi), Senior Vice President,
  • Dr Farhan Farooq (Director KK Chicks), General Secretary,
  • Dr Shehzad Naveed Jadoon (Director /CEO Alteck Pakistan), Joint Secretary
  • Dr Faizan Mahmood (Director MHA Poultry), Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Working Groups: The WPSA Pakistan Branch has 14 fourteen working groups whose leaders were elected, including:

  • (WG-1) Dr M. Kashif Saleemi (Associate Professor of Pathology-UAF, Group leader of Poultry Health & Welfare
  • (WG-2) Dr Muhammad Athar (GM-HiTeck Feeds), Group leader of Poultry Nutrition and Gut Health
  • (WG-3) Dr Hassan Sarosh (Director Quality Breeder Islamabad), group leader of Poultry Breeding & Genetics
  • (WG-4) Dr Muhammad Ahmad Mustafa (Director Faisal Chicks Faisalabad), group leader of Layer Wellbeing & Egg Quality
  • (WG-5) Dr Faisal Shahid (CE Faisal Feed Multan),group leader of Broiler & Chicken Meat Quality,
  • (WG-6) Salman Sadiq (CE Salman Poultry Pvt Ltd Rawalpindi) elected as group leader of Fertility and Incubation
  • (WG-7) Dr Abdul Shakoor (National Sales Manager Jadeed Group of Companies Rawalpindi), group leader of Control House Management & Ventilation
  • (WG-8) Poultry Processing and Value Addition Group Leader, (Vacant)
  • (WG-9) Mr Haseeb Akram (Director Punjab Poultry Breeders (Punjab Chicks), group leader of Poultry Economic, Marketing & Export
  • (WG-10) Prof Dr Athar Mahmud (Chairman Dept. of Poultry Production UVAS), group leader of Small Scale Family Poultry
  • (WG-11) Dr Nasir Mukhtar (Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi), group leader of Ratite (Ostrich & Emu)
  • (WG-12) Waterfowl (Duck & Goose, (Vacant)
  • (WG-13) Dr Fareeha Talha (CE Fartal Pharmaceutical - Karachi), group leader of Consumer Education and Food Security
  • (WG-14) Riaz Ahmad (Director Projects – Zaryans Consulting Islamabad), group leader of Poultry Information Technology
  • (WG-15) Dr Masood Rabbani (Pro Vice Chancellor University of Vet & Animal Sciences Lahore), group leader of One Health
  • (WG-16) Dr Asim Mehmood (CE Forward Solution Lahore), group leader of Biosafety and Biosecurity

WPSA R&D Board

Dr Gulraiz Ahmad (GM SB Feeds) was elected as the Director of the Pakistan Branch R&D Board with following members

  • Dr Athar Mahmud (UVAS Lahore)
  • Dr Muhammad Athar (GM Hi-tech Feeds)
  • Dr Hanif Nazir (Classified Poultry Consultant)
  • Dr Shahid Waheed (A One Feeds – Hyderabad)
  • Dr M. Kashif Saleemi (Associate Professor of Pathology, UAF)
  • Dr Farhan Farooq (Director KK chicks), will serve as the Treasurer of the WPSA R&D Board
  • Dr Nasir Mukhtar will serve as the secretary of the WPSA R&D Board.

WPSA Newsletter – Pakistan Chapter

Dr Shehzad Naveed Jadoon (Director /CEO Alteck Pakistan) was elected as the Editor-in-Chief for the Pakistan Branch’s WPSA Newsletter.

Condolence references for Late Dr M. Sadiq (Founder President of WPSA -Pakistan Branch)

Dr Muhammad Sadiq died on 23 October, 2020. He was the founder President of WPSA-Pakistan Branch last 3 decades. Condolence references have been organized all over the country. First condolence reference was organized by Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi –Pakistan and memorized his services toward the academia, industry and society. Second reference was organized by WPSA Southern Zone & Women Wing at Karachi. Third reference was organized by University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore. fourth reference organized by Pakistan Poultry Industry at Lahore. Fifth condolence reference was organized by Poultry Point at Lahore. All participants present the tribute to late Dr Muhammad Sadiq in recognition of his memorable welfare services for industry and education.


Contact Person: Dr Nasir Mukhtar (Secretary General –Pakistan Branch)
Cell: +92 (0) 300720074

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