Friday, March 24, 2023
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Poultry Tech Summit 2022

The Poultry Tech Summit (October 30-November 1 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA) was a big success this week. Here is some of the content we generated at the event:

Incubation Biology and Hatchery Management Course

What is the best way to store and treat eggs before incubation? How does incubation temperature influence the development of the embryo? And what are the best practices during the hatching phase? In t...

Obituary I.L. Galpern

On September 25, 2022 at the age of 92 Irina L. Galpern passed away. She was one of the oldest members of the Russian branch of WPSA. After graduating from Leningrad University in 1953, Irina Galpern...

IPWA Key Welfare Indicators Reference Guide

The IPWA Key Welfare Indicators Reference Guide has reached its final stage and is now open for public comment. Please see the link to review the documents and find instructions for submitting comment...

New Publication - Optimising Poultry Flock Health

Optimising Poultry Flock Health Year of publication: 2022 414 Pages ISBN-13: 9781786768872 Editor: Dr Sjaak de Wit   Description: Diseases remain a significant burden to poultry production an...

New Publication - Farmer field schools for family poultry producers

Farmer field schools for family poultry producers Year of publication: 2022 Place of publication: Rome, Italy Pages: #220 p. ISBN: 978-92-5-136286-0 Author: FAO, IFAD Publisher: FAO   Abstra...

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