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October 2016 Newsletter

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Volume 37, October 2016  Newsletter Editor: Dr G.B. Havenstein,  


Executive Committee

Secretary's Report

mulder roel

Board meeting: During the Board Meeting at WPC2016 in Beijing several decisions were taken. The future of WPSA has been discussed in a special Vision and Mission session and shortly an action programme will be published; the Speakers' bureau initiative will be extended with a 'Teachers' and shortly the website will also have more information on the branch development programme, which programme is meant to stimulate branches in their overall activities.

Newsletter: The Board thanks Dr G. Havenstein, North Carolina, USA, for his continuous efforts to produce the newsletter on time.

Council meeting: The officers reports were presented and will be published in the next issue of the WPS Journal.

Election of new Board 2016-2020: The composition of the new board (Prof W. Bessei, Germany, Dr B. Buresh, USA (Senior Vice-President), Dr Y. Nys, France, Dr J. Roberts, Australia, Prof Z. Uni, Israel) is given in the presidential report for this newsletter. WPSA and the board thanks the board members who stepped down for all their efforts during their terms of service. WPSA thanks also all candidates for the Vice-President positions for their willingness to serve the Association. We expect to include their ideas in the action programme for the future of WPSA.
WPSA thanks Dr Avigdor Cahaner, Israel, who chaired the Nominating Advisory Committee.

International Poultry Hall of Fame: The following nominees were selected for the International Poultry Hall of Fame: Professor Avigdor Cahaner (Israel), Prof Hank Classen (Canada), Prof Eddy Decuypere (Belgium), Dr Paul Hocking (United Kingdom) and Professor Changxin Wu (China). A full report will be published in the WPS Journal.

Election for WPC 2024: Due to the change in our Constitution there were no elections for the 2024 Worlds Poultry Congress. The next election will take place at WPC 2020 in Paris.

Voting procedures: Voting procedures during the Council meeting were in line with the requirements described in the Constitution and By-Laws. However, procedures were time consuming. With regard to a future voting these will be reviewed and amended.

XXVI World's Poultry Congress in 2020 in Paris, France: The Congress will be held from 16-20 August 2020 at the Paris Palais des Congrės. More information can be found on

Scholarship Awards: The Foundation for Promoting Poultry Science, on behalf of The Netherlands branch of WPSA is responsible for these awards, which are given every 4 years. The number of applications was disappointing. The Foundation decided to give only one award for the Research category. The recipient of the research award is Prof Israel Rozenboim, Israel. Future awards, WPC 2020, will be announced in the WPS Journal more in advance to attract more nominations in the future.

Poster exhibition at WPC 2016: A poster exhibition including posters of all 25 Worlds Poultry Congresses together with a selection of proceedings and journals was held during WPC 2016. The posters were prepared by Mrs Dorien Kleverwal and Dr Katie Zheng.

Promotion of WPSA: In January 2017 WPSA will have a stand at the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, USA. In March 2013 WPSA will be present at VIV Asia, Bangkok, Thailand, in April at AGRA Middle East in Dubai, UAE.
WPSA materials have been and will be distributed during several branch meetings. Requests for materials can be send to .

Branch meetings: In September the Scientific day organized by the Sri Lanka Branch was attended. The meeting was held in Colombo and attracted more than 100 participants. Also the Spanish branch meeting in Zaragoza was attended. Considered to be a 'small' meeting with presentations in Spanish, there were over 250 participants. March 2017 the International Seminar and exhibition organized by the Bangladesh branch will be attended.

Poultry Day: In 2012 the Hungarian branch initiated the International Poultry Meat Day. On this day in May the Branch organized one of their meetings. Following this initiative as for the International Egg Day, organisations, associations and their branches are asked to organise meetings around this period under this Umbrella.

Cooperation with the organization on World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH): The WVEPAH, a non-profit organization organizes training courses on poultry (for 3 à 4 weeks) in several countries ( Activities will be announced on our website and in the WPS Journal.

Dr Roel Mulder

Treasurer's Report

bradley francine

It was my pleasure to represent WPSA at the Poultry Science Association Meetings this summer in New Orleans, Louisiana. While the temperatures were hot and humid in New Orleans, the meeting spaces were cool, the papers of high calibre, and the discussion lively. I had the opportunity to make presentations at the WPSA Canada Branch meeting and at the combined Canada/United States WPSA Luncheon. Our WPSA-sponsored Lecture was very well-attended.

No doubt for most WPSA members, the highlight of the year was the WPC in Beijing. My congratulations go to Drs. Yang and Wu for orchestrating such an amazing event. Dr. Zheng and her team of 160 student volunteers earned a standing ovation! Their happy faces lit up the Congress Center.

During the Congress it was my pleasure to greet our many Travel Grant recipients, as well as representatives from so many of our Branches. I made remarks at the Branch Secretaries Meeting and presented a 4-yr review of the WPSA financial records at the Council Meeting.

It was my distinct honour to be re-elected your Treasurer. As I look forward to my 21st year in this position, I thank you for the trust you have placed in me and assure you I will continue to work faithfully for WPSA.

Financial Report of the Treasurer for 2015
August 10, 2016

The beginning balance for the Association was US$ 1,502,297. This was lower than the $1,551,585 carry-over budgeted.

Rising from the previous year, dues income was $111,210 and above the $90,000 budgeted. Payments from sponsors and advertisers at $116,587 came in under the $122,000 budgeted. Journal sales income was artificially high, $108,583 vs $50,000. This was due to failure of the accounting offices of Cambridge University Press (CUP) to send us the owed income in 2014. This resulted in payments for 2 years being made in 2015. Total income (including investment income) was $409,376 vs. the budgeted $282,000.

Expenses associated with the Journal were $124,946 vs. the budgeted 131,641. The Association’s general operations costs (including honoraria and tax preparation) were $98,363 vs. $120,000 budgeted. The cost of our special programs (Travel Grants, Branch Development, etc.) was $32,417 vs. $85,000 budgeted. All Association expenses totalled $255,726 vs. $336,641 budgeted. The Association’s gain from continuing operations was $80,604 vs. the budgeted loss of 54,641. Due to the aforementioned problems, $55,176 in 2014 CUP income was received in 2015 and $8,328 paid to CUP for the management fee they failed to invoice in 2014. Without these irregularities, the gain from continuing operations would only have been $33,756.

The ending balance on all accounts was $1,585,501 ($1,496,944 budgeted). The WPSA portfolio also had an unrealized loss of $69,624.

The WPSA members who reviewed the 2015 financial records found them to be in good order. Their complete report was sent to the Office of the Secretariat and to the President.

In 2015 the WPSA portfolio at Edward Jones was up 0.26%. The S&P index return was down 0.75% The Edward Jones performance is net return on holdings of global investments. The S&P 500 is un-costed on all-American investments. Understanding that the market was virtually flat in 2015, the fact that WPSA’s portfolio outperformed the S&P 500, is a testament to the quality of the investments and our conservative approach in managing the portfolio.

Dr Francine Bradley

wpc2016 banner





China's World's Poultry Congress Beijing, September 5-9, 2016

China's expression on the stage of world poultry

WPC2016 Termed a Great Success

On September 5-9, 2016, the 25th World’s Poultry Congress (WPC2016), co-organized by World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) and Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (CAAV), made its debut at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. Against a background featuring global shortage of resources, food safety issues and environmental protection, the grand event aimed to show ways to promote the sustainability of the poultry industry by ensuring the effective supply, quality and safety of poultry products.

wpc2016 opening  wpc2016 opening 2
WPC2016 - Opening Ceremony  

Poultry Olympics: Beijing Time

China’s poultry production has evolved from a household sideline business into an important animal husbandry industry in the past 30 years. Significant progress has been made in organized poultry production, intensification and specialization with large-scale poultry farming accounting for a larger proportion.

In 2015, China’s poultry egg output reached 29.99 million tons, accounting for 40% of global production, and the annual average consumption of poultry eggs reached 21.8kg per capita. The total production and per capita consumption both ranked first place in the world. China’s poultry meat production reached 18.26 million tons, and the annual average consumption was 13.2kg per person. Total poultry meat output ranked second in the world.

Focusing on the theme of 'The quality and safety of the poultry products: meeting humans’ needs', WPC2016 addresses a wide spectrum of subjects concerning the current situation and development trends of the industry, challenges facing poultry production, solutions to the limitation of dwindling resources, better bio-security, animal welfare, and the frontiers of poultry research and technology.

wpc2016 plenary 1 wpc2016 plenair 2

WPC2016 - Plenary Sessions

wpc2016 parallel  
WPC2016 - Parallel Sessions  

Registration and Attendance

According to the organizing committee’s statistics, WPC2016 had a total of 4210 delegates from 72 countries and regions in attendance, including 1694 international and 2516 domestic attendees, including 1215 attendees from the industry and 2995 from scientific academia. That broke all of the previous records, respectively. WPC2016 lasted 3 and a half days, which included 3 plenary sessions and 38 parallel sessions, and it involved 65 invited world famous experts and scholars from 35 countries and regions who made presentations during the sessions. The sessions included 253 oral presentations, and more than 600 poster presentations.

Four hundred and fifty nine delegates took advantage of the special offer to WPSA members from low income countries that were provided by WPC2016. Those delegates will, hopefully, return to their developing countries to help the further development of the poultry industry in their country or regions.

International Poultry Hall of Fame:
The International Poultry Hall of Fame (IPHF) awards were hosted during the opening ceremony of WPC2016. The new members of the IPHF are Prof Dr Eddy Decuypere (Belgium), Dr Henry Classen (Canada), Prof Changxin Wu (China), Prof Avigdor Cahaner (Israel) and Dr Paul Hocking (United Kingdom).

wpc2016 iphf decuypere wpc2016 iphf classen
WPC2016 - IPHF: Prof Dr Eddy Decuypere (Belgium      WPC2016 - IPHF: Dr Henry Classen (Canada)
wpc2016 iphf cahaner wpc2016 iphf hocking
WPC2016 - IPHF: Prof Avigdor Cahaner (Israel)      WPC2016 - IPHF: Dr Paul Hocking (United Kingdom)
wpc2016 iphf wu   For full citation of the IPHF members click here.
WPC2016 - IPHF: Prof Changxin Wu (China)  

WPSA Research Award

The outstanding scientist Prof Israel Rozenboim from Israel finally succeeded and got the WPSa research award.

wpc2016 award rozenboim  

WPC2016 - WPSA Scholarship Award

Winner: Prof Israel Rozenboim, Israel


For full citation of the Research Award winner click here.

Executive Committee

The following members were elected to serve WPSA as members of the Executive Committee over the next four years for the new Board: Prof Ning Yang, President, China; Dr Ir Roel W.A.W. Mulder, General Secretary & Assistant Treasurer, The Netherlands; Dr Francine A. Bradley, Treasurer & Assistant Secretary, USA; Dr Bob Buresh, Senior Vice-President, USA.

yang ning               mulder roel               bradley francine               buresh bob
Prof Ning Yang
President (China)

Dr Roel Mulder
General Secretary &
Assistant Treasurer
(The Netherlands)

Dr Francine Bradley
Treasurer &
Assistant Secretary
Dr Bob Buresh
Senor Vice-President

Young Scientist and Youth Programme

The organizers launched a Young Scientist and Youth Programme, aimed to cultivate talents for the future development of the world poultry industry. Eighteen young scientists from 12 countries were selected and were awarded with full registration to WPC2016, accommodation, and round trip economy air fare tickets to Beijing. Thirty three international students from 17 countries were awarded with full registration to WPC2016, accommodation and one-week post-congress technical tour in Sichuan Province, China.

wpc2016 young scientists youth 1 wpc2016 young scientists youth 2
WPC2016 - Young Scientist and Youth Programme  

Exhibition of WPC History

The Exhibition of WPC History showing the glorious history of WPC was also running alongside the Congress.

wpc2016 exposition 1 wpc2016 exposition 2
WPC2016 - Exhibition of WPC History  

Exhibition Sector

The exhibition sector of WPC2016 was in collaboration with the international VNU exhibition group, and was held on September 6-8, 2016. The organic combination of WPC2016 and the international exhibition of intensive animal husbandry provides an exchange platform for new ideas, new technologies and new products. More than 20,000 people attended the exhibition and registered.

What We Have Achieved

WPC2016 was held successfully which enhanced international communication, broadened the channels of communication for the poultry industry. Through this, the domestic poultry scholars can understand the current poultry industry and the new trend of science and technology throughout the world intuitively and in-depth, which helped narrow the gap, broadened research ideas, and improved research abilities.


The success of WPC2016 is largely thanks to all the dedicated sponsors, and all the friends form each field of the poultry industry. It is a splendid, distinctive gathering, for many people it’s also very memorable.

wpc2016 gala 1

silva edir

     Dr Edir Silva
     Outgoing President of WPSA

wpc2016 gala 2
WPC2016 - Gala Dinner  

With the unforgettable Chinese enthusiasm and the charming scenery, the new journey has begun.

Introduction to Dr Ning Yang, your new President of WPSA

wpc2016 introduction yang  
Dr. Edir Silva (Brazil), passing the Presidency medal of WPSA
to Dr Ning Yang (China)

At the Councillor’s Meeting during Beijing’s XXV World's Poultry Conference, the position of President of the World Poultry Science Association was officially passed from Dr. Edir Silva of Brazil to Dr. Ning Yang of China. Dr. Yang is Professor and Head of the Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding and Director of the National Engineering Laboratory of Animal Breeding, at the China Agricultural University, in Bejing, China. He received his B.S. degree from the Southwest Nationality College in China with a major in Aimal Science in 1982, and his Ph.D. from the Beijing Agricultural University in 1990 with a major in Animal Genetics and Breeding.

From 1990 until the present, Dr. Yang has served as a faculty member of the Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding in the College of Animal Science and Technology at the China Agricultural University (formerly the Bejing Agricultural University) in Beijing. During 1997 and 1998, he spent a year’s sabbatical with Dr. Paul Siegel at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.

Dr. Yang leads a large research group with 15 graduate students who focus their research on genetic selection, gene mapping, and functional genomics associated with meat and egg quality, disease resistance, feed efficiency and reproduction. He is the author or co-author of over 150 papers in peer-reviewed journals. He has also been very active in promoting the mission of WPSA in China, having served as the China Branch Secretary (1999-2009) and President (2009-present). He has done the Chinese translation of abstracts for the World’s Poultry Science Journal since 2004. Most recently he served as the Chair of the Organizing Committee for the 25th World's Poultry Congress held in Beijing on September 5-9, 2016.

We look forward to Dr. Yang’s leadership as he moves WPSA forward over the next four years.

European Federation

The European Federation has numerous conferences planned between now and the end of 2017.
News from a number of European Federation's working groups is provided below.

WPSA European Working Group News


Poultry Nutrition

The Organizing Committee, and IRTA like local organizing Group are pleased to announce that the 21st European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN 2017) will be held in Salou, (Tarragona) Spain on May 8-11 2017.

During the four days of the Symposium, the convention Centre in Port Aventura will serve as the primary area for all scientific knowledge, discussions, and innovations concerning poultry nutrition. With more than 1.000 attendees at the last edition of the Symposium in Prague, the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition is a must for everyone involved in the poultry sector.

If you are a poultry professional, be sure to note the dates of May 8-11 on your 2017 calendar.


Breeding & Genetics

The French branch of WPSA and Working Group 3 'Breeding and Genetics' of the European Federation of WPSA branches are pleased to announce the 10th European Symposium on Poultry Genetics.
The Symposium will be held in the Congress Center of Saint-Malo in France from June 26 to June 28, 2017. The scientific program will contain sessions on genetics of welfare and animal health in interaction with production traits, on current state of poultry genomics, on genomic selection and new breeding technologies, and product quality. Main talks will be given by invited speakers and poster presentation will be significant.
The call for poster abstracts will be open from Dec 1st 2016 to April 1st 2017.Please visit

We are looking forward to welcoming you in France for the 1Oth European Symposium on Poultry Genetics.

On behalf of the organizing committee
Michele Tixier-Boichard and Steffen Weigend


Quality of Eggs and Egg Products

Plans for the next EGGMEAT symposium which takes place in Edinburgh on the 3-5th September 2017 are now reaching an advanced stage. The scientific programme for the 2017 meeting has been condensed into just 2 days in the hope that this might attract more delegates. The Turkish Branch of WPSA has offered to host the EGGMEAT Symposium in 2019.

If you would like to join WG4 or would like further details then please contact Prof. Maureen Bain from the University of Glasgow (Email: ).

Maureen Bain, Chairperson, WG4, and Massimiliano Petracci, Chairperson WG5


Quality of Poultry Meat

The 'XXIII European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat' will be conjointly held with the 'XVII European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products' in Edinburgh (UK), 3-5 September 2017. Prominent invited speakers from American and European Institutions have already confirmed their participation. They will address emerging issues for poultry meat and egg production. Visit to keep you updated. Submission deadline is on March 31st, 2017. Special reduced registration fees are available for WPSA members and students.

2017 eggmeat banner

Massimiliano Petracci, Chairperson WG5



The 2016 Meeting of the WPSA Working group 6 (Incubation and Fertility Research Group) is organized from December 4th to 6th in the Golden Tulip de’Medici Hotel ( in Brugge Belgium. Find information for registration and abstracts on

The programme is not yet complete, but two main themes will be addressed. From INRA France Dr. Elisabeth Blesbois has been invited to review the application of biotechnology for preservation of endangered species. Within the framework of this topic we received abstract referring sperm storage.

A second themes of great importance is: “Embryo Nutrition and Early Feeding of Birds in general and commercial poultry specifically.” For this theme we are in the process of inviting keynote speakers, and we have already received a few interesting abstracts.
For more information contact dr. Marleen Boerjan President IFRG via or via

Dr. Marleen Boerjan, President IFRG
Incubation and Fertility Research Group on Reproduction


Poultry Welfare and Management

The X European Symposium on Poultry Welfare will be held in Ploufragan, France on 19-22 June 2017.
Abstract submission deadline: November, 30th, 2016.
See the following website for registration and other details:



The 9th International Symposium on Turkey Production will be held in Berlin Germany, during June 2017. I hope to see you in Berlin.

Prof. Dr. H.M. Hafez, Head of the Institute of Poultry Diseases Free University Berlin

Asia Pacific Federation

Meetings of two of the three Asia Pacific Federation’s Working Groups took place during the Beijing World Poultry Conference: i.e. AP/WG1 (Small Scale Family Poultry Farming); and, AP/WG2 (Waterfowl). Reports on these meetings will appear on the APF website in due course.

The 6th World Waterfowl Conference: The next world Waterfowl Conference will be organised by the Taiwan branch on behalf of the Federation’s Working Group 2, and it will be held in Taipei from 22-25 October 2017. The theme of that conference will be Biosecurity, Environment and Sustainable Development. It will include sessions on Genetics and Breeding; Feeding and Nutrition; Processing and Food Safety; and, Diseases and Prevention. If you are involved in waterfowl production, please mark the dates for this conference in your diary.

The 11th Asia Pacific Poultry Conference: The next APPC will be hosted by the Thailand branch in March 2018 in Bangkok.

New APF Secretary: Mr M Abdollahi has recently been appointed as the Secretary of the APF. His contact details are: Massey University, Poultry Research Unit, Private Bag 11 222, Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND.

Alan Gibbins, President Asian/Pacific Federation

WPSA Asian-Pacific Working Group News



The WG2 Committee Meeting was held during the 25th World’s Poultry Congress in Beijing. A report of the meeting will appear on the APF Website in the near future (

Dr Jeng-Fang Huang, Chairperson



The 6th International Ratite Symposium was successfully presented back-to-back with the annual SASAS congress in South Africa during July 2016. Topics covered included:

· Welfare and responsible animal production
· Avian Influenza
· Application of Genome sequencing technologies
· Nutrition
· Chick rearing and husbandry
· Veterinary and health aspects
· Products
· Reproduction
· Assisted reproduction technology
· Incubation
· Breeding and crossbreeding

Members of the Ratite Group as well as interested parties present at the symposium held a general meeting to discuss the results presented and to deliberate on the way forward for the Group. The ratite group is affiliated to the Asia-Pacific Federation as their Working Group III. The ratite scientists are currently represented by a small research group, but the group will continue to present their research regularly at scientific symposia. The current situation for the ratite industries looks bleak, with both the emu and rhea industries struggling and the ostrich industry also facing numerous challenges. Compared to other ratite species, research on ostriches seems to attract funding on more sustainable basis. It was consequently decided that the next Ratite symposium will also be held in South Africa, while the Group will send a delegate to report on research activities of the Ratite Group at the APPC or WPSA congresses. Currently the plan is to link with the South African Society for Animal Science (SASAS) for presenting a Ratite Symposium during uneven years (from 2019) together with the annual SASAS congress.

Ratite scientists are urged to register with their local WPSA branch and to use the WPSA website to showcase activities on ratite research. Interested parties and ratite scientists are urged to contact Anel Engelbrecht at in order to be added to the contact list for the Ratite Group.

Anel A. Engelbrecht, Chairman AP WG3 - Ratites

Branch News


The Algerian branch of WPSA, jointly with the Algerian Poultry Science Association (APSA), is organizing the IVth Poultry Sciences Symposium to be held on 9-10 November 2016, in Constantine, Algeria.

The following topics will be included:

• Poultry Nutrition
• Poultry Health and Prophylaxis
• Alternative Feed Additive
• Poultry Products and Food safety
• Reproduction and genetic
• Economic Status of Poultry Industry in Maghreb
• Poultry Housing and Management

For more information please contact: Dr O. Bennoune:  
See also


Our political goal is to organize our poultry people so that they produce what our citizens can consume. The implementation of modern poultry production methods is a real opportunity.

Now the question is, how do we reduce the obstacles to putting modern poultry methods into practice? Especially modern poultry nutrition and feeding methods, since the dietary components of poultry diets are often in competition as sources of human food.

Felicien Durand


The Egyptian branch of WPSA, jointly with the Egyptian Poultry Science Association (EPSA), is organizing the 9th International Poultry Conference (9IPC), from 7 - 10 November 2016, Hurghada, Egypt.
For more information please contact Prof. Yahya Eid, e-mail:  


The French Branch of WPSA will host two International symposia in 2017, which will take place in Brittany in the western part of France.

Xth European Symposium on Poultry Welfare
Dates: 19-22 June 2017
Venue: Ploufragan – France
Abstract submission opening: June 2016
Abstracts submission deadline: November 2016 

10th European Symposium on Poultry Genetics
Dates: 26-28 June 2017
Venue: Saint-Malo, France
Abstract submission opening: January 2017 

The scientific programme of the 10th European Symposium on Poultry Genetics will contain sessions on genetics of welfare and animal health in interaction with production traits, on current state of poultry genomics, on genomic selection and new breeding technologies, and product quality. Main talks will be given by invited speakers and poster presentation will be significant.

Representatives from the French Branch of WPSA were present at WPC2016 in Beijing to inform WPSA’s worldwide delegates about the next World Poultry Congress (WPC2020) that will be held in Paris (August 16th to 20th, 2020). Further information on WPC2020 is available at

Dr. Michel DUCLOS, secretary of WPSA-France Branch


The well-organised WPC2016 in Beijing was a good opportunity for 20+ German Branch members to meet with colleagues and friends from around the world. As agreed in our annual meeting in March, we supported four young scientists with travel grants.

With her studies about nesting behaviour in RFID-based single and family nests, Andrea Heinrich (Munich) was selected to attend the Beijing Youth Programme, and to join the Technical Tour after the Congress.

Christine Habig (Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, Mariensee) gave an excellent presentation about bone stability of layer lines in two husbandry systems, and thus was one of 20 young scientists and students who were awarded with the Changxin Wu’s Fund on Animal Genetics and Breeding.

During the Council meeting at WPC2016, Prof. Dr. Werner Bessei, president of the German Branch, was elected and confirmed as one of the Vice-Presidents of WPSA.

The next annual meeting will be held in March 2017 in Hannover.

Anke Forester, German Branch Secretary


2017 ghana president
Professor Dr George Kwame Aning

After the demise of our Branch President, Dr. Francis Kwadwo Boachie, the Ghana Branch of the WPSA, has now selected Professor Dr. George Kwame Aning, an Associate Professor of the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ghana as its new President. Below is a short profile of him.

Associate Professor of Veterinary Microbiology and Acting Dean (2009-2014) at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ghana. He obtained his DVM degree from the Ibadan University, Nigeria (1975), and his Ph.D. degree from the University of Liverpool, UK (1982). He has conducted considerable research in the area of the prevention of infectious diseases of livestock and poultry. These include comparing heat-stable and conventional Newcastle Disease vaccines for their efficacy in protecting commercial and local chickens, and vaccination strategies against Infectious Bursal Disease in Ghana.

He is currently a Co-investigator on the University of Ghana Team, which with other research teams at the University of California, Davis (USA), Iowa State University (USA), and Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania), are undertaking a 5-year research project for “Improving Food Security in Africa by Enhancing Resistance to Disease and Heat in chickens”. This collaborative programme is USAID funded.

Contact details
P. O. Box LG 225, Legon, Ghana or
P. O. Box AF128, Adenta, Ghana.
Mobile No: +233 244 641352


Members of the WPSA Israel Branch were pleased to attend the WPC in Beijing.

We wish to express our appreciation to the Chinese Branch and WPSA for a well-organized, impressive and stimulating scientific conference. We also convey our warm congratulation to Prof. Ning Yang, the newly elected WPSA President, and to the re-elected Secretary-General Dr. Roel Mulder and Treasurer Dr. Francine Bradley.

Our branch played an active role at the congress - 4 invited speakers and 2 students in the Youth Programme. We are proud of our 3 nominees who were elected and honoured during WPC2016: Prof. Avigdor Cahaner was inducted to the International Poultry Hall of Fame, Prof. Zehava Uni was elected as one of 5 Vice Presidents, and Prof. Israel Rozenboim received the WPSA Research Award. We wish them success and are certain they will contribute substantially to the WPSA vast worldwide activities.

Yitzhak Malka
Secretary - WPSA Israel Branch


The Italian Branch of WPSA is supporting the organization of the 2016 annual meeting of METHAGENE which will be held in Padova, Italy, from October 12-14, 2016 (website

In addition, The Italian Branch is also actively involved in the organization of the next 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit that will be held on 20-25 October 2016 (website:

Massimiliano Petracci, Secretary


The 2016 Autumn Meeting of JPSA was held at Mokusei Hall in Shizuoka city, hosted by Shizuoka University during 15–16 September. The meeting contained an open symposium, as well as council and general meetings. The title of the symposium was 'The current state of embryo engineering and DNA recombination technology in fowls, and its new development for the industries'.

The Journal of Poultry Science (JPS, the official journal of JPSA, Impact Factor 0.802) always welcomes the submission of reviews and original papers. JPSA would like to contribute to poultry science all over the world by enhancing the international activity with the members from different countries. Thus, JPSA has a membership category for foreign citizens residing abroad as 'Special International Member'. The page charges to publish their papers in JPS will be set at a membership price. JPSA invariably welcome new members from all over the world. Please visit the JPSA website ( for further information.

Naoki Goto, Secretary of WPSA Japan Branch


The Chairman of the branch, Dr Dewan Sibartie, attended the WPC held in Beijing from 04 to 09 September and presented a paper entitled ‘Reduction of economic losses caused by colibacillosis in broiler chickens in Mauritius through vaccination’.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Mauritius branch, a special half day conference on ‘Poultry Science and Industry’ was organized on Friday 23 September. The Past President of WPSA, Professor Edir da Silva from Brazil, attended the Conference as its Special Guest. The Honourable Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security of Mauritius, Mr Mahen Kumar Seeruttun who is also the Patron of the Association, opened the conference that was also attended by veterinarians, poultry scientists and industry people. This special conference was followed two days later by two public lectures given by Professor Edir da Silva, one on ‘Salmonella and its public health aspects,’ and the other on ‘The Brazilian model of poultry development.’ His lectures were well attended by both scientists and industry personnel.

Dr Dewan Sibartie, President


The Spanish Branch will provide scholarships to two veterinary students to attend the Mediterranean Poultry Summit during October 2016.

Climent Faus

Sri Lanka

The World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) Sri Lanka branch 15th Annual Convention was held on 15th September 2016, at Taj Samudra Colombo, Sri Lanka, at 3.00 p.m. There was a Technical Session for which WPSA has invited three eminent poultry experts, Dr. Roel Mulder, Professor M. Nadeem Fairoz, and Dr. John C.G Lee.
The Technical Sessions were conducted under the theme ‘Sustainable Poultry Current and Future Challenges’.
The forum was held to educate Sri Lankan poultry industrialists on latest technologies that are used in poultry production world-wide.
WPSA, Sri Lanka branch President Mr. Ajith Gunasekera said it is regretting to note that at present the industry is facing a difficult phase due to the scarcity of maize, the main energy source of poultry feed. He further stated that it is a known fact that profit margin is dependent on the cost of production which has a direct influence by the feed cost. Supply of nutrition at a balanced composition in a ration depends on the cost factor and the availability of main ingredients.
A large number of poultry producers and industrialists who are engaged in the industry received Mementos and certificates for the contribution they made over the years to develop the industry.
As the Chief Guest Mr. Wouter Verhey, Agricultural Counsellor, Embassy of the Netherlands , India commended the steps taken by the Sri Lankan Poultry industrialists to develop the industry and his country always ready to help Sri Lankan poultry farmers to uplift the industry.
He said training centers to educate Sri Lankan poultry farmers on sustainable poultry farming methods will be set up in the country instead of Sri Lankan poultry industrialists going to Netherlands to study such latest methods.

The Secretary, World’s Poultry Science Association, Sri Lanka branch Dr. M. Somaratne thanked all the sponsors and the participants for making the Annual Sessions a success.

Dr. M. Somaratne Hony, Secretary


Our branch closely follows current issues related to poultry, and our branch members continually attend meetings held in Turkey and abroad. Branch President Prof. Dr. Rüveyde Akbay and some of our members participated in the 25th WPC in Beijing, China from 5-9 September 2016, and we were very happy to meet with friends from all over the world.

The arrangements for the ‘National Poultry Congress’, which will be held in the port city of Samsun on the Turkish Black Sea coast from 5-8 October 2016, have been completed. In addition to many Turkish scientists, Past President of the WVPA and Chairman of Working Group 10 (Turkey Production) of the WPSA European Federation, Prof. Dr. Hafez Mohamed Hafez will also be in attendance. We are honoured to inform you that we will be the next host of the ‘18th European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products’ which will be held in Izmir in 2019 following the 17th symposium that will take place in Edinburgh from 3-5 September 2017. We have already begun preparations to make this important meeting a success.

Gülbenk Yalçın, Secretary of the Turkish Branch

United Kingdom

Dates for the Diary

32nd Poultry Science Symposium
3-5 July 2017
Clare College, Cambridge, UK
Poultry Feathers & Skin – the past present and future of poultry integument

WPSA UK is pleased to announce the 32nd Poultry Science Symposium that is scheduled to be held in the historic and scenic city of Cambridge in July 3-5, 2017. The theme of the symposium is ‘Poultry feathers and skin – the past, present and future of poultry integument’. The programme committee is working to ensure that this informative symposium is of wide appeal to all in the poultry industry. Please follow updates regarding the symposium at

XVII European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products
XXIII European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat
3-5 September 2017
Scientific sessions 4-5th September
John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland

The UK branch will be hosting the EggMeat symposium in 2017. More formally known as the XVII European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products and the XXIII European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat. These will take place on the 3-5 September 2017 with Scientific sessions from the 4-5th September at the John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Contact: ;  

Further details will appear on the WPSA UK website.

Steve Lister, UK Branch Secretary


The USA Branch spent a lot of time and effort encouraging participation in the Cliff Carpenter Essay Contest for youth, and to get branch member to apply and participate in the World Poultry Congress held in Beijing, China in early September of this year. Members who provided copies of the abstract of their Congress presentation were eligible for Travel Grants from the branch for the Congress.

The branch provided Travel Grants for 16 WPSA-USA members who indicated that they were either making oral or poster presentations at WPC2016. Additionally, WPSA-USA provided Travel Grants to 6 Graduate and Undergraduate students who participated in the Cliff Carpenter Student Essay Contest. The essays addressed the topic ‘Can poultry feed the world in 2050?’.

At the Councillor’s Meeting held during the Congress, Bob Buresh was elected to serve on the worldwide Board for the next four years as the Senior Vice President for WPSA worldwide. Other Vice presidents elected to serve on the WPSA Board included Zehava Uni from Israel, and Werner Bessei, the President of the German Branch.

Ernie Pierson, President, USA Branch
Bob Buresh, Secretary, USA Branch

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