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October 2016 Newsletter

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Volume 35, March 2016

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Newsletter Editor: Dr G.B. Havenstein,  

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silva edirPresident's Report

Following are conferences in which I have recently participated as either an invited keynote speaker for making a presentation at the opening ceremony, or to give other lectures.

Actions in Africa: I was invited by Prof. Tona to deliver some lectures and to support him as the President of the Toga Branch of WPSA, when they launched the regional ‘Centre d'Excellence Regional Sur Les Sciences Aviaires (SERSA)’ at the Université of Lomé, Togo. Their country was selected and is financially supported by the World Bank (WB) through a competitive program for coordinating the SERSA that should include 22 regional countries. The relevance of this event can be measured by the importance of the invited guest list, which included the President of Toga, the Toga Minister of Research, and the Executive Director of the World Bank, among others. They couldn't attend the opening ceremony due to their tight agenda, but they were expected to be at the closing ceremony. Prof. Okanlawon Onagbesan, the past President of the Nigerian WPSA Branch, was also there, enrolling with the program. Prof. Tona organized a very good program. We were received by the University Dean at his office, and we had dinner with him and his wife. For my first lectures on ‘The Brazilian Poultry production development’ and on ‘The WPSA and its contribution to the development of poultry production’, Prof. Tona invited all of the university’s Faculty staff, poultry producers and graduate students. There were more than 60 attendees, including people from Benin and Ghana. Another day was dedicated to graduate students, and my lectures covered the control of diseases in poultry. We also spent one whole day visiting poultry farms and talking to local producers. I think this was a good opportunity for the WPSA to get closer to the African branches, and for making WPSA more visible to potential future members from the region.

IPPE Atlanta, GA, USA 2016: This major poultry exhibition was open to the general public from 26th to 28th (Tue to Thu) of January. Our WPSA booth has become a meeting point for WPSA members, delegates, friends, events, and the advertising of WPSA events from around the world (including WPC2016), and for making contact with our sponsors. Our General Secretary Dr. Roel Mulder and our Treasurer Dr. Francine Bradley also attended this exhibition and spent time in the WPSA booth. Our booth was also next to the Latin American Poultry Association’s booth (ALA) where they were advertising the Latin American Poultry Congress (LPC) that will be held in Guadalajara in 2017. Concerning the LPC, Dr. Francine Bradley and I had a meeting with Benjamin Ruiz (WATT Editor) to discuss further steps in mutual cooperation with WPSA and ALA.

Edir N. Silva
WPSA President

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mulder roelSecretary's Report

Board meeting: The annual board meeting will be held 4-5 September 2016 in Beijing, China, during the 25th Worlds Poultry Congress. The Council meeting is planned for 8 September 2016.
The latest information on WPC 2016 can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.

Council meeting: During the Council meeting officers for the Board 2016-2020 will be elected.
Dr Avigdor Cahaner, Israel, chair of the Nominating Advisory Committee has started the work of this Committee. The main task of the committee is to come forward with a list of candidates for the WPSA board officers to be elected.
In addition, according to our Constitution, branches and individual members are invited to nominate candidates to the Secretary General as well ().

Programmes: Part of the activities of WPSA is to support branches, poultry networks and individual members in order to organise meetings, to apply for speakers in their meetings or for travel grants to attend meetings. Please check the WPSA website for more details.

Promotion of WPSA: For general promotion of WPSA, WPS Journal and WPC 2016, WPSA was present at IPPE Atlanta USA (January), and VIV MEA Abu Dhabi UAE (February). During VIV MEA on 15 February 2016 a mini-conference was organised in co-operation with MEAP Middle East Agriculture Publishers. Click here for the programme.
The 5th Poultry Outlook Forum 2016 will be organised by the UAE branch on 13 March 2016 in Dubai, UAE, during the AGRA ME exhibition. For more information see their website (
WPSA will be present at VICTAM Asia in Bangkok, Thailand from 29-31 March.

Journal: All members are entitled to the online version of the Journal. On request the printed Journal will be send. Members who would like to receive the printed Journal are requested to contact the secretariat: .

Invitations from branches and symposia: Upon invitation, the first International Poultry Conference 19-20 May organised by the Azerbaijan branch and the Scientific sessions organised by the Chilean branch in June will be attended.

Cooperation with the organization on World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH): Some years ago, it was agreed to start a formal co-operation with the WVEPAH, a non-profit organization which now also organizes training courses on poultry (for 3 à 4 weeks) in several countries ( Activities are announced on our website and in the WPS Journal.

E-mail WPSA Newsletter: The newsletter has over 1500 subscribers and contains increasingly more information on Branch activities. Members and other interested in the work of WPSA are requested to subscribe personally.

[/pb_tab_item][pb_tab_item heading="Treasurer's Report" icon="fa-female" ]

bradley francineTreasurer's Report

In the midst of preparing the WPSA financial reports for last year, I had the pleasure of representing WPSA at the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta. Along with Drs. da Silva and Mulder, I welcomed many members and interested visitors to our booth on the huge exhibit hall floor. It was a special honour to receive the initial paperwork and funds for the establishment of a WPSA Branch in Bolivia. It was also very gratifying to meet with some young scientists who are experiencing the benefits of WPSA membership.*

In February I represented the United States of America Branch at the Pacific Egg and Poultry Association (PePa) Convention in Santa Barbara, California. The Branch is the oldest, continuous sponsor of the Pacific Egg and Poultry Association’s (PePa) Student Programme. With the support of the WPSA Branch, students from across the western states of the USA are able to attend this poultry trade association meeting, present their work, and interact with poultry industry leaders. The leaders of the Branch are to be applauded for their dedication to and financial support of young (predominantly undergraduate) poultry scientists.

WPSA Travel Grant Programme: In 2015, WPSA awarded Mariana Moraes, a doctoral student in Brazil, a Travel Grant to present her research at the scientific meetings in Atlanta prior to the IPPC.mariana moraes newsThis January, Mariana wrote to me to ask if I was coming to ATL and said she wanted to meet with me. She came to our WPSA booth and told me what the WPSA Travel Grant had meant to her. With WPSA's assistance she came to Atlanta last year, presented her paper, and had several job interviews. She accepted one of the offers and now she has her PhD and a good position with Jefo, the species-specific feed additive company. She was very generous in crediting WPSA with making this success story happen.

Dr Francine Bradley

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Beijing to host the World’s Poultry Congress

The XXV World’s Poultry Congress (WPC2016) will take place in Beijing during September 5-9, 2016. After Brazil which hosted the event in 2012 to celebrate centenary of the founding organization, China plays host to this year’s event. The 'Poultry Olympic' will witness its 25th edition in Beijing, China for the first time in history. This congress is co-hosted by the China Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA-CN) and the Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (CAAV).

Poultry industry is expanding in the world, but we are facing more and more challenges ranging from restriction of feed resources to quality and safety issues of poultry products. As one of the largest chicken producer and the top one food market in the world, China aims to promote the sustainability of the poultry industry. The theme of this year’s Congress is 'the quality and safety of the poultry products:meeting humans' needs”, and the WPC 2016 will address a wide spectrum of subjects ranging from nutrition and feeds, genetics and breeding, diseases control and prevention to poultry welfare and behaviour, environmental control of poultry houses, poultry production systems and so forth.

The multidisciplinary scientific programme of the WPC2016 will provide a unique and comprehensive platform for sharing and discussing the latest developments in scientific research and technology transfer for poultry production worldwide. The scientific programme is designated to include 10 plenary lectures, more than 50 invited talks on various subjects, nearly 200 parallel presentations and hundreds of posters. In addition, several symposiums will be held to address practical issues of poultry production in collaboration with industry partners and sponsors. More than 700 abstracts have been received from over 50 countries and regions. With a focus on global leadership in poultry science, the congress will convene hundreds of experts, including many of the world’s most influential speakers.

As a courtesy to WPSA members from low income countries classified by WPSA By-law, WPC2016 has provided a special offer so that they can register at a reduced fee (1900RMB, equivalent to 300USD). On the other hand, WPC2016 also institute a youth programme and a young scientist programme to assist them to attend the congress. Supports of the youth programme include registration fee, accommodation and a post-congress tour. The young scientist programme include registration fee, accommodation, and round trip economy air fare ticket. Furthermore, the Chairman of Scientific Committee of WPC2016, Changxin Wu, will award 20 young scientists and students by a fund on his name from China Agricultural University with 1000 US dollars each person, to encourage excellent young scientists and students who work in Animal Genetics and Breeding field to participate in WPC2016.

During WPC2016, the congress will collaborate with VNU to jointly present a special VIV China Show, which will feature a large scale exhibition for poultry industry to allow international and local companies and organizations to show their products and expertise to a worldwide market.

As a historical city and a modern and dynamic metropolitan, Beijing has many tourist attractions, including four World’s Culture Heritages. Delegates from around the world can reach the city by direct international flights from major cities in the world, and will enjoy wonderful social programmes and experience famous Chinese hospitality during your stay.

We look forward to welcoming you to Beijing and offering attendees the perfect blend of the stimulating scientific exchanges and rich cultural programmes.

Organizing Committee of WPC2016
Tel: + 86 (10) 62732741

Click here for the WPC2016 Eblast

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The European Federation has numerous conferences planned between now and the end of 2017.
News from a number of European Federation's working groups is provided below.

[/pb_text][pb_tab el_title="EF Working Groups" initial_open="1" fade_effect="no" tab_position="top" appearing_animation="0" ][pb_tab_item heading="WG2" ]

Poultry Nutrition

The Organizing Committee, and IRTA like local organizing Group are pleased to announce that the 21st European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN 2017) will be held in Salou, (Tarragona) Spain on May 8-11 2017.

During the four days of the Symposium, the convention Centre in Port Aventura will serve as the primary area for all scientific knowledge, discussions, and innovations concerning poultry nutrition. With more than 1.000 attendees at the last edition of the Symposium in Prague, the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition is a must for everyone involved in the poultry sector.

If you are a poultry professional, be sure to note the dates of May 8-11 on your 2017 calendar.

[/pb_tab_item][pb_tab_item heading="WG4" ]

Quality of Eggs and Egg Products

The next meeting for WG4 will be at the WPC in Beijing in September 2016. The WPC scientific committee has put out a call for proposed speakers and themes for that meeting. Please feel free to forward your proposals to either or Yves Nys () who are on the scientific committee for this conference.

Plans for the next EGGMEAT symposium which takes place in Edinburgh on the 3-5th September 2017 are now reaching an advanced stage. The scientific programme for the 2017 meeting has been condensed into just 2 days in the hope that this might attract more delegates. The Turkish Branch of WPSA has offered to host the EGGMEAT Symposium in 2019.

If you would like to join WG4 or would like further details then please contact Prof. Maureen Bain from the University of Glasgow (E-mail: )

Maureen Bain, Chairperson, WG4, and Massimiliano Petracci, Chairperson WG5

[/pb_tab_item][pb_tab_item heading="WG5" ]

Quality of Poultry Meat

The next EggMeat Symposia will be held in Edinburgh (Scotland) during September 2017.

[/pb_tab_item][pb_tab_item heading="WG9" ]

Poultry Welfare and Management

A first proposal for the 1st Workshop for French Veterinary Practitioners ‘Improving Poultry Welfare at the Farm Through Practical Assessment Tools’ has been sent to X European Symposium on Poultry Welfare Organizers. This will be discussed during the Annual Meeting of WG9 ‘Poultry Welfare and Management’ 15 March 2016 in Belgium.

[/pb_tab_item][pb_tab_item heading="WG10" ]


The 9th International Symposium on Turkey Production will be held in Berlin Germany, during June 2017. I hope to see you in Berlin.

Prof. Dr. H. M. Hafez, Head of the Institute of Poultry Diseases Free University Berlin

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2016 is a big year for conferences in the Asia Pacific region.

  • WPSA is supporting AgraME. This is the Middle East’s well established and dedicated trade and business event for the poultry and livestock industry. It runs from 13 - 15 March at the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre.
    Go to for more information.
  • On 6-7 July we have the 6th International Ratite Symposium. This is being held in Stellenbosch, South Africa in conjunction with the South African Society for Animal Science. If you are involved in ratite production you should check out the following web page where you can navigate to a first announcement and other details.
  • The China branch is putting the final details together to deliver a great World Poultry Congress from 5 - 9 September. Details can be found on the congress website
  • Branches should begin preparing now for the Council meeting that will be held during the Beijing Congress. Please review all recent communications from the WPSA Secretariat regarding branch responsibilities at these meetings.

Branches also please publicize as widely as possible any local events you are planning for this year.

Alan Gibbins, President Asian/Pacific Federation

[/pb_text][pb_tab el_title="APF Working Groups" initial_open="1" fade_effect="no" tab_position="top" appearing_animation="0" ][pb_tab_item heading="Tab Item 1" icon="" ]Primis nisi lobortis arcu per orci malesuada blandit metus tortor urna turpis, consectetur porttitor egestas sed eleifend eget tincidunt pharetra varius tincidunt, morbi malesuada elementum mi torquent mollis eu lobortis curae purus. amet vivamus amet nulla torquent nibh eu, diam aliquam pretium donec aliquam tempus, lacus tempus feugiat lectus cras. [/pb_tab_item][pb_tab_item heading="Tab Item 2" icon="" ]Pretium velit mollis sit et integer egestas habitant auctor, integer sem at nam massa himenaeos netus, vel dapibus nibh malesuada leo fusce tortor. sociosqu semper facilisis semper class tempus faucibus tristique duis, eros cubilia quisque habitasse aliquam fringilla orci. non vel laoreet dolor enim justo facilisis, neque accumsan in ad. [/pb_tab_item][/pb_tab][pb_divider el_title="Divider 2" div_border_width="2" div_border_style="solid" div_border_color="#E0DEDE" appearing_animation="0" ][/pb_divider][/pb_column][/pb_row][pb_row ][pb_column span="span12"][pb_heading el_title="Branch News" tag="h3" text_align="inherit" font="inherit" border_bottom_style="solid" border_bottom_color="#000000" appearing_animation="0" ]Branch News[/pb_heading][pb_divider el_title="Divider 3" div_border_width="2" div_border_style="solid" div_border_color="#E0DEDE" appearing_animation="0" ][/pb_divider][pb_accordion el_title="Branch News" initial_open="1" multi_open="no" filter="no" appearing_animation="0" ][pb_accordion_item heading="Azerbaijan" ]

The Azerbaijani branch is proud to announce that it has organized the first Azerbaijan International conference on ‘Innovative Technologies in Poultry Breeding’ that was held on May 20, 2016, in the frame of Caspian Agro 2016 exhibition in Baku, Azerbaijan. Conference details can be obtained at the following website:

Our aspiration for inviting such an international conference to the ancient cities of our country is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan State Agricultural University, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as by the Azerbaijan Convention Bureau.

The Poultry breeding industry is one of the pivotal parts of the Agricultural industry of Azerbaijan, which is currently at the center of the Economic Policy in diminishing the state dependence on Gas & Oil production. Agricultural resources available in Azerbaijan, build potential grounds for the future prosperity of this sphere and progressive collaborations in this field are of national importance. According to the state programme approved by the president of Azerbaijan on August 25, 2008 as ‘Sustainable provision of population with food products for the years 2008 – 2015’ about 340 thousand tons of poultry meat and 1.3 billion eggs are planned to be produced by the year 2015. Certain actions are taken for the execution of this process via launching new poultry production concerns and taking steps towards developing the industry in general.

The overall aim of the conference is to equip its participants with the most up to date information on innovative technologies and tools in poultry breeding practice. This conference will provide a great chance for participants and industry entrepreneurs to gain valuable insights into efficient techniques from local, as well as international industry professionals and poultry association representatives.

Invited speakers from different parts of the world will discuss current issues, challenges and future prospects of the poultry breeding industry and further explain the latest technological and scientific advancements currently trending in the successful poultry breeding organizations of the international arena.
In addition, attendees will benefit from innovative ideas provided by the conference. Participants can have irreplaceable opportunities to meet future key partners and potential clients through this most interactive platform.

Core themes to be explored during the conference include the following:

• Poultry meat and egg production technology
• Genetics and breeding of agricultural birds
• Feeding of agricultural birds
• Veterinary and sanitary problems in poultry breeding
• Epizootic and infectious diseases of agricultural birds

Leading specialists of the following organisations are going to be speakers of the conference:

• World's Poultry Science Association
• Azerbaijan State Agrarian University
• Ak-Farm Gıda Tarım LTD
• Kutlusan Kafes Ekipman ve Hayvancılık Taşmacılık San.TİC.LTD
• Yem Soya Tekstil AŞ
• ALLtech Poultry
• Farmavet International
• Petersime
• Sealed Air Corporation
• Cobb Türkiye
• KTG Kanatlı Ürünleri

Mahir Hajiyev, President of Azerbaijan branch WPSA

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="Brazil" ]

With the cooperation of the WPSA-Spain Branch, the book Poultry Diseases, edited by the WPSA-Brazilian Branch/FACTA was translated into Spanish and will be available for the affiliated in Spain.

The Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science (3 years JCR = 0.318) is published quarterly by WPSA-Brazilian Branch/Facta. It covers most topics related to poultry production in tropical and subtropical countries. Please check the last issue at:

Irenilza de Alencar Nääs

[/pb_accordion_item][/pb_accordion][/pb_column][/pb_row][pb_row ][pb_column span="span12"][pb_heading el_title="WPSJ" tag="h3" text_align="inherit" font="inherit" border_bottom_style="solid" border_bottom_color="#000000" appearing_animation="0" ]World's Poultry Science Journal[/pb_heading][/pb_column][/pb_row][pb_row ][pb_column span="span2"][pb_module el_title="WPSJ" module_name="195-logo wpsj" module_alignment="left" module_show_title="no" appearing_animation="0" ][/pb_module][/pb_column][pb_column span="span10"][pb_text el_title="Online submission" width_unit="%" enable_dropcap="no" appearing_animation="0" ]

Online submission of papers for the World's Poultry Science Journal

All submissions to the journal will be through ScholarOne Manuscripts at or via the WPSA website. Authors must log in and follow the instructions on screen in order to ensure their paper will be processed quickly and efficiently.
Although most authors are familiar with this kind of submission system, for those who aren’t, please make sure your manuscript strictly adheres to the guidelines given in the instructions. The WPSJ does not charge for publishing papers (except if colour pictures are required), and continues to make every effort to keep the costs of publication to a minimum. However, please be aware that papers which are not reviews or are incorrectly formatted may incur costs that will be charged back to the submitting author (approximately US$20).

Dr Lucy Waldron, Editor WPSJ

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