Saturday, September 30, 2023
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December 2022 Newsletter

Embryo development and hatchery practice in poultry production

2020 breeder signals

Edited by Dr Nick French

It is widely recognised that developments in the chick embryo have a profound effect on hatchability and the subsequent health and productive capacity of poultry. With a stronger focus on welfare, prevention of disease and more sustainable poultry production, understanding these early stages has never been more crucial.

This book addresses the key stages and factors in embryo development in poultry to optimise hatchability and chick health.

The book also reviews the role of parental and environmental factors on embryo development and skeletal growth, as well as the effects of incubation on chick health and development, including factors such as temperature, light exposure and humidity.

Find out more about this new title here.

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Receive 20% off your order of the book using code EMB20 via the BDS Website. Discount code expires 31st July 2023 and can be applied to all Poultry Science books in the Burleigh Dodds series.

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