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macdougallMajor Ian Macdougall was born in Scotland in 1882 and died in London in 1968. He was educated at George Watson's Academy in Edinburgh, and after leaving school became a bank clerk, first in Scotland and then in South Africa. Here he later became a gold miner, then a soldier. He was a soldier in the South African and British Armies for 14 years, and was decorated with the Order of Officer of the British Empire. He was badly wounded in the 1914-18 war. His wounds were increasingly troublesome and he was seldom free from pain but he "soldiered on" and devoted a further period of 48 years, mainly in the service of poultry organisation in general and the World's Poultry Science Association in particular.

On discharge from the army in 1920, Major Macdougall began poultry farming (as did many ex-servicemen) in the south of England. His administrative talents soon drew him to work as secretary to various poultry societies. On medical advice in 1930 he gave up the strenuous life of a poultry farmer, but his administrative qualities led to his immediate appointment as Assistant to Sir Edward Brown at the British National Poultry Council, whom he succeeded as Secretary in 1932.
During the 1939-45 war major Macdougall became Deputy Organiser to the Domestic Poultry Keepers Council (a body formed to promote small poultry flocks among urban dwellers to provide much needed food. He became Poultry Secretary to the National Farmers Union of England and Wales, which had absorbed the National Poultry Council and remained a poultry consultant to the NFU until his death. In 1948 he was created a Liveryman of the City of London.
Major Macdougall's interest in the WPSA began in 1936 when he worked as Secretary to the UK Congress Committee. He became Secretary of the UK Branch on its formation in 1950 and became Secretary and Assistant Treasurer of the WPSA in 1951. His care in helping to look after WPSA funds - no doubt aided by his early banking experience - helped to establish the Association's firm financial position. During his 17 years tenure, covering five World Congresses and two European Conferences, the Association advanced greatly in stature and international importance. In 1960 Ian Macdougall became the first Secretary of the European Federation of WPSA Branches from its inception at the Utrecht Conference - a post he held until his death.
Ian Macdougall's diligent work and tremendous enthusiasm for the Association led to him receiving the Macdougall Award in 1962 - a handsome gold medal struck, to honour those who had given exceptional services to the WPSA. Justly, Major Macdougall was the first recipient and he well merited the award and the fact that the honour was named after him.
Major Macdougall devoted most of his life to poultry and more than 30 years entirely to the WPSA. He died at his post in 1968.

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