Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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RaoBanda Vasudev Rao was born in 1935. A native of Hyderabad, India, he began his involvement with poultry farming in early '60s. He devoted his life to the growth and modernization of Indian poultry production, transforming it from a backyard activity into a vibrant industry. Driven by science and technology, the poultry industry is one of the most powerful engines for growth of rural economy in India, supporting the livelihood of over 2.0 million people.

Time only allows me to mention a few of Dr Rao’s significant and numerous contributions to the Indian poultry industry. They include: Indigenous Genetic Research and Development of high yielding layer and broiler breeding stock, production of a wide range of poultry vaccines, a national network of over 100 diagnostic laboratories and technical service centres providing free service to farmers, and establishment of Dr B.V. Rao Institute of Poultry management and Technology.
As President WPSA (India Branch) from 1993 to 1996, Dr Rao played a significant role for the successful organization of the XX WPC and International Poultry Exhibition in September 1996 at New Delhi.
Often lauded, he received one of the highest honours conferred by the President of India, the "Padmashree" award.
WPSA’s only regret today, is that Dr Rao did not live to see his induction into the Poultry Hall of Fame.

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