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Award winners 2000

WPSA Scholarship winners of the XXI World's Poultry Congress in Montreal, Canada (left to right) Joan Ramon Porta from CESAC, Spain; Jan Hulzebosch from Barneveld College, The Netherlands; Dr Peter Surai from the Scottish Agricultural College, Auchincruive and Dr S.F. Bilgili from Auburn University, Alabama, USA

To mark the success of the 1992 World's Poultry Congress in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Branch of the World's Poultry Science Association established a series of special scholarship awards. The scholarships, worth Dfl 25 000, are normally made in each of three categories representing the WPSA's three main areas of activity - Research, Education and Industry/Organisation.
The Research Scholarship is awarded to a scientist who is making an outstanding contribution to his/her chosen field. Education is interpreted liberally; contributions may be in the form o books, other publications, instructional films and videos or in the development of training programmes. The Industry/Organisation Scholarship is awarded to an individual or organisation who has made an outstanding contribution to the poultry industry during the five year period immediately preceding a World's Congress. Scholarship recipients or leaders of the group/organisation must have been members of the WPSA for at least two years before the World's Congress at which the awards are presented.
The WPSA Scholarship Awards Committee, under the chairmanship of Dr Piet Simons, the Secretary of the WPSA, announced the second group of winners of these Scholarships for 2000 at the XXIst World's Poultry Congress in Montreal, Canada.

Research Award

The Research Scholarship goes to Professor Peter Surai DSc. Professor Surai began his research work at the Poultry Research Institute, Borky, Ukraine in 1978 after graduating from the Kharkov State University as MSc with honours in biochemistry. Having started his work as a research technician, 15 years later he became the Head of the Department of Physiology, Biochemistry and Nutrition, and Professor of Physiology.
In 1994 Professor Surai was granted a British Council competitive fellowship to carry out research at the Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition, Scottish Agricultural College (SAC), Auchincruive, UK. In 1996 he won another competitive and prestigious award, a Royal Society/NATO International Fellowship, to continue his research at the same Institute. Since then he has been working at the SAC's Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition.
His main research interest is anti-oxidants and their rile in avian reproduction. In 1981 he explored for the first time the vitamin E concentration and physiological functions in turkey semen, and established that this vitamin is a stabiliser of sperm membranes.
The WPSA Research Scholarship will be used by Professor Surai to expand his involvement in the advanced study of antioxidant systems in poultry production, allowing him to establish his own research group at the SAC's Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition.

Education Award

The Education Scholarship will be shared between Dr S.F. Bilgili from Auburn University, Alabama, USA and the IPC Livestock Innovation and Practical Training Centre at Barneveld, The Netherlands.
The primary focus of the extension and research work of Dr Bilgili has been the assessment, generation and implementation of live production and processing technologies to improve the quality, yield and wholesomeness of broilers. Research and educational approaches used by him have always targeted the immediate needs of the broiler industry and have resulted in numerous publications in scientific and trade journals and presentations to national and international audiences.
Dr Bilgili has been instrumental in developing and implementing educational programmes in poultry processing and product technology in alabama, which currently is the third ranking state in the US for broiler production. In addition to his work with commercial clients, for the last decade Dr Bilgili has been instrumental in developing and teaching a course in Poultry Processing and Marketing to upper class and graduate students at the Department of Poultry Science. He has supervised, directly and indirectly, numerous undergraduate and graduate students in Poultry Science.

IPC Livestock Barneveld College is a member of the group of Innovation and Practical training Centres in The Netherlands. This group consists of six centres in the field of livestock production, covering primary production, the related supply and processing sectors, animal health and veterinary medicine, as well as activities in plant production.
For 30 years Barneveld College has been instrumental in the dissemination of knowledge, skills and technology in poultry husbandry to all parts of the world. This has been achieved by holding regular and ad hoc courses at Barneveld and at locations in other countries. Furthermore, members of staff at the College have assisted in individual assignments abroad. Barneveld has been cooperating with a number of counterpart organisations, both governmental and non-governmental, in other countries in establishing practical training and extension centres in poultry production and animal feed milling technology.

Industry Award

The Industry Scholarship was made to The poultry Health Institute of Catalonia (CESAC). The Institute was founded in July 1987 after the signing of an Agreement of Cooperation between the Department of Agriculture of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Cooperatives and Catalonia Poultry Federation.
Poultry production accounts for 15% of the gross agricultural income of Catalonia. Being aware of the importance of good product quality and poultry health, the regional administration of cATalonia came together with the cooperative and the private poultry industries to start up CESAC. The objectives were to provide help and assistance to the poultry industry by drawing up plans to eradicate diseases, instituting disease control and quality assessments and implementing routine disease control procedures in farms and poultry facilities. The Institute organises training courses for farmers, poultry technicians and veterinarians and is responsible for collecting information on the movements of poultry and other birds.
It provides regular information to both the industry and consumers about the health, hygiene and quality of poultry products. CESAC has been involved in the establishment of a service laboratory for the diagnosis of poultry disease and the promotion of legal assessments. In addition, the Institute is involved in forward planning and forecasting to prevent health problems appearing and making long term proposals for implementation, as well as being ready to take on any other task required by the authorities.

Award winners

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