Some Quotes from our Travel Grant Recipients
Dr. Francine Bradley

Mrs. Kleverwal and I asked all our travel grant recipients to check in at the Secretariat Office at WPC2016 in Beijing, China. As we reviewed their travel documents, I took the opportunity to ask them their impressions of the event, what the grant meant to them, and any exciting interactions they’d had. Below are some of their remarks.

Surya Kanta Mishra, India: “Thanks to WPSA grant I could make (sic) WPSA possible to attend. Wonderfully arranged compared to other international conferences.”

Javad Nasr, Iran: “It’s huge and all fields of study...I got some ideas for future studies.”

Charlisa Brown, Ghana: “China has a beautiful city and Congress is well organized, with people ready to help.”

Hernan Cordova, USA: “Some of my first impressions are that the Chinese people are very kind and the culture is interesting, and the food spicy and good!”

Seyed Sina Bagheri Ghadikolaei, Iran: “It was an amazing Congress because I met famous people
and I have the opportunity to discuss with them ideas for my thesis.”

M.V.L.N. Raju, India: “My first time to attend a WPC out of India and to meet so many scientists of high repute, especially Dr. Paul Siegel, Dr. Peter Ferket, Dr. Surai and Dr. Mingan Choct.”

Jaydip Rokade, India: “I got a blessed opportunity to attend WPC 2016, China. I am very excited to hear work from world renowned scientists. One of the memorable points is that I had a discussion with Dr. Uni from Israel, who is working on in ovo nutrition.”

Elfira Suawa, Indonesia: “Maureen Bain being an expert in egg quality...I read many of her articles. I am surprised I got to meet her here.”

M. Younus Ali, Bangladesh: “I met a lot of people...Dr. Olivia Gooss..she is in poultry sector...”

Priscilla Pomaa-Yeboah, Ghana: “I was really excited to meet Dr. Decuypere, because his previous works I used in my thesis.”

Anikó Molnár, Belgium: “It was really an honour to present as a PhD student and I could not do it without the support of WPSA.”

Martyna Lasoń, Poland: “I was surprised that China is not as crowded as I expected it to be. The organization of the Congress has been amazing.”

I think the recipients had experiences similar to most attendees. We were all impressed with the great organization of the Congress and the tremendous hospitality extended by our hosts. Specifically, the recipients were so grateful for the financial assistance and for all the opportunities available to them. Their comments reinforced what I believe - poultry people are friendly people. Thanks to all of you who took time to visit with the recipients and any of the students. As you can read above, for some of them it was the academic experience of a lifetime. After visiting with all of them, both Mrs. Kleverwal and I can attest that WPSA’s investment in these young people, is money well spent.


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