Fostering local and regional conferences in the poultry sciences

During the 34th meeting of the Board of WPSA on August 20, 2000 in Montreal, Canada it was recognised that expertise in several areas of poultry science and production in low income countries is often very limited, and WPSA branches in these countries often do not have sufficient financial resources to fund overseas speakers.

To address this problem, the Board created a Speakers' Bureau to assist branches in low income countries to cover the travel costs of expert international speakers. This measure is consistent with the key objective of WPSA to encourage and facilitate liaison among research scientists and educators, between those in research and education and those working in the many diverse sectors of the poultry industry. Under the Speakers' Bureau scheme, WPSA will pay only the cost of air travel (lowest economy class). All other expenses such as local travel and accommodation are to be paid by the organizing Branch(es). WPSA will not pay any honorarium to speakers.

In 2011 the Speakers' Bureau has been extended to include speakers for Working Group meetings in both the European and Asian Pacific Federation.

A Branch (or group of Branches) may either identify a speaker to invite or seek the advice of WPSA in the selection of an appropriate speaker.

Given the high cost of international air travel it is important that optimum value be obtained from this expenditure by WPSA. This can be achieved by insisting that the visiting speaker provides more than just one paper at a conference. The visiting speaker could contribute in a variety of ways, e.g., present a second paper on a related topic, conduct a workshop for graduate students, have small group or one-on-one interaction, especially with students, visit industry groups, visit university groups, etc.

Where a Branch or a group of Branches wish to apply for Speakers' Bureau assistance, there are certain conditions which must be met:

Application conditions

  • Application must be made using the WPSA Speakers' Bureau application form.
  • Where the Branch (or group of Branches) has identified a speaker that they would like to invite, the Curriculum Vitae of that speaker must be submitted on the WPSA Speakers Bureau Speakers CV Form.
  • Application must be submitted at least 2 months prior to the meeting.
  • The speaker must contribute more to the meeting and/or branch than just presenting one paper.
  • The speaker must be given an assignment dealing with the students at the Conference.
  • Unless the Branch (or group of Branches) can pay all the speakers' costs itself, a speaker should NOT be invited until approval of Speakers' Bureau funds is made by the WPSA Executive Committee. The Branch(es) should not assume that approval will be given until so advised by the WPSA Secretary.
  • Following approval, the speaker or the local Branch will be reimbursed by the WPSA Treasurer after the meeting.
  • A maximum of 2 speakers will be sponsored from the Speakers' Bureau per meeting.
  • The Branch(es) must be up-to-date with their membership payment.
  • Incomplete or late submissions will NOT be considered

Where to send the application

The completed application form(s) should be send by e-mail to or by fax to: +31 207 508 941.

For those branches that do not have access to e-mail or fax, applications can be mailed to:
The General Secretary WPSA
PO Box 31
7360 AA Beekbergen