The XIX World's Poultry Congress, held in September 1992 in Amsterdam, was financially successful. This outcome was, to a large extent, due to the contributions received from the 16 main sponsors and over 2500 participants. The terms of reference of the Congress Organizing Foundation required that any credit balance that resulted after all liabilities had been met should be made available to the Dutch Branch of the WPSA as initiator of the organization of the Congress. As a result, a Foundation for Promoting Poultry Science (Stichting Bevordering Pluimveewetenschappen) was founded. The general objectives of this foundation are "to promote the developments and propagation of poultry science in WPSA-structures, and specifically:

  1. the stimulation of international congresses and the promotion of participation in these events, and
  2. the support of initiative having the objective of establishing WPSA-branches in countries which do not yet have them".

Individuals and organizations may apply for financial support for appropriate WPSA activities such as conferences, congresses and symposia. Applications for financial support of conferences, congresses and symposia should be forwarded through the local WPSA Branch.
The Foundation has a particular interest in assisting in the process of establishing new WPSA branches and therefore supports these branches by covering for three years part of the membership fees.
Individuals or organisations may apply for financial assistance by contacting the Secretary of the Foundation.
As the Board of directors of the Foundation meets about three to four times a year the applications should be received by the secretary in good time; in case of requests for financial assistance to attend conferences or symposia at least 3 months before the meeting.


Stichting Bevordering Pluimveewetenschappen
Foundation for Promoting Poultry Science
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