Monday, November 29, 2021
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XVth European Poultry Conference

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 17-21 September 2018

epc2018 website 


Book of Abstracts 


I. Kempen, K. De Baere, S. Cardinaels, N. Sleeckx and J. Zoons

B. Spindler, A. Brandes, M. Franziska Giersberg and N. Kemper

A. Stratmann, D. Guggisberg, J. Siegford and M. Toscano

F. Kaufmann, L. Klambeck, I. Angela Goy, H. Grygo and R. Andersson

V. Tsiouris, V. Tarantili, A. Mitsi, E. Sossidou and I. Georgopoulou

A.K. Rentsch, C.B. Rufener, C. Spadavecchia, A. Stratmann and M.J. Toscano

D. Temple, D. Escribano, M. Salas, E. Mainau, X. Manteca, I. Petersen, E. Thomas, R. Dolz, C. Escoda and A. Flochlay-Sigognault

N. Mackie, J. Tarlton, S. Buijs, S. de Knibber, B. Ampe and F. Tuyttens

M. Bourin, E. Baeza, C. Souchet, K. Anger, C. Le Bourhis and L. Bignon

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