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Gut integrity in poultry: importance, challenges and phytogenic solutions

Date: 17 September 2020

What you will learn in this webinar is:Poultry World and Novus invite you to pre-register for a new webinar on gut integrity in poultry: importance, challenges and phytogenic solutions. The webinar will be aired live on Thursday 17 September at 15.00 hours Central European time. But can be rewatched later.

  • The role of the intestinal microbiota in gut integrity and functionality
  • How the intestinal gut barrier can be damaged by infections and non-infections challenges and consequences for the birds
  • Nutritional interventions which can support birds under these challenges
  • How essential oils can support health and performance in modern broiler production systems delivering economic benefits


  • Fabian Brockötter, Host and editor in chief Poultry World
  • Filip van Immerseel, Lecturer at University Gent
  • Sven Keller, Nutritionist and technical manager at Novus Europe



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15.00 CET

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