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Cobb Talks - Efficient Feeding

Date: 17 November 2020

Edward Diehl - Nutritionist for Cobb Europe talks to Host Nigel Strain, Senior Regional Manager - Technical Services - EMEA.

The third episode of interviews in the four part "Ask The Expert Webinar Series" focusing on Nutrition. The Cobb500 is selected to be a balanced bird, allowing you the flexibility depending on the local or changing conditions. During this interview, as well as advising how you can give your chicks the best start Edward answers many questions, such as... Should I give my flock a low density or high density diet? What is the benefit of whole wheat feeding on my economics? Should we be considering alternative feed solutions?



Edward Diehl

Nutritionist, Cobb Europe

Edward obtained his BSc degree in Veterinarian Medicine from the University of Ghent, followed by his BSc and MSc degree in animal science specializing in animal nutrition, adaptation physiology, and behavioral ecology from Wageningen University, Netherlands, in 2014.

In 2015, he joined Cobb Europe as Nutritionist and Commercial Trials Manager, covering the EMEA region and assisting internal production as a nutritionist. As commercial Trials Manager he is assisting customers conducting feed, breed, or yield trials, and is responsible for ensuring Cobb’s internal research finds solutions for supporting customers in the region and worldwide together with the Technical Manager.


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1:00 PM in London

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