Cobb Talks - Enhancing Meat Quality

Date: 24 November 2020

David Beavers, Processing Specialist for Cobb Vantress World Technical Support talks to Host Nigel Strain, Senior Regional Manager - Technical Services - EMEA. 

The final episode of interviews in this four part "Ask The Expert Webinar Series" focusing on Yield. 

Learn the  critical areas to look at for minimizing rejects and maximizing yield.  How do you increase your yield. Discover how to reach your yield potential by following best management practices and learn how to balance your selection for Welfare and Economic Traits.



David Beavers

World Technical Support - Plant Processing Specialist

David has over 42 years of processing experience. Prior to joining Cobb WT team in 2011, David worked at Tyson Foods. David's areas of focus are Processing Management and New Technology. He is based at home in Arkansas, USA.


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1:00 PM in London

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