Monday, November 28, 2022
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Challenges and perspectives in today's poultry production

Date: 08 April 2021

Listen to the latest insights from Prof. Dr. Michael Hess, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna on Pathogen control: challenges and perspectives in today’s poultry production”.

“Change in husbandry, legislation and consumer expectations has substantially challenged the existing concepts calling for new strategies for pathogen control. For this the panel of existing vaccines has to be increased not to forget biosecurity with fundamental impact on the epidemiology of microorganisms. New concepts have to consider all aspects of pathogen biology and a holistic approach needs to be applied to unravel host pathogen interactions.”

Learn from Dr. Jean-Michel Reperant, Doctor in parasitology, Researcher at avian parasitology team at the Ploufragan research laboratory in Brittany (ANSES), about “The coccidiosis issue”.

“Different approaches to control their impact are available, each having its interests and disadvantages. Anticoccidial feed additives are the most used prophylactic method, especially in conventional broilers, and pullets for laying to a lesser extent. Resistance concerns and a problem of acceptability by the consumer question their use in the future. New approaches are investigated worldwide, mainly focusing on plant extracts that may act directly on the parasites or in reducing their impact, during or after infection to improve compensatory growth.

Hear the latest from Barbara Auer, Sales Director Betaine at AGRANA on Requirements on quality standards in today’s poultry feed production”.

“Quality standards are playing an important role in todays feed production. AGRANA products fulfil a high-quality standard to guarantee safe and secure products for the B2B sector. AGRANAs natural betaine impresses and follows the trend through its characteristics such as GMO-free, 100% plant based and naturalness.”

Join us for a webinar where a panel of experts will walk through hot topics in today’s poultry production. You won’t want to miss out.

The webinar will be hosted by Poultry World Editor in Chief, Fabian Brockötter.


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