Who is taking care of the embryo?

Date: 12 May 2021

In today’s hatchery, hatchery managers and supervisors are very busy with many things leaving very little time to focus on the needs of the embryo. So who is taking care of the embryo at your hatchery? We will dive into this topic and hopefully bring a renewed focus to the needs of the developing embryo.

Join Dr. Keith Bramwell and Hatchery Consultant, Henry Kohl, for this topic, which should appeal to hatcheries everywhere.

Wednesday, May 12

11 a.m. EST – English https://bit.ly/3gY9QSe
1 p.m. EST  – Spanish https://bit.ly/3nPMEH3

Each webinar will last an hour, with 30-45 minutes of content, and plenty of time for questions and answers.

Free registration is now open for the first sessions. Reserve your spot today!


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English: 11.00 am EST; Spanish 1.00 pm EST

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