Genetic diversity and responsible animal breeding

Date: 01 July 2021

On behalf of EFFAB and FABRE-TP, we are happy to invite you to the fourth session of the #BreedersTalkGreen webinar series focusing on Genetic Diversity and Responsible Animal BreedingThe webinar will take place on Thursday 1st July, 2021 from 13:30 to 15:00 CET.

During the webinar, we will hear presentations from FAO, ERFP Animal Genetic Resources, COBB, SYSAAF and engage in fruitful debate. Questions are also more than welcome from attendees before and during the session. Send your questions to us by replying back to this email.

We are looking forward to see you!

See the full programme and register here.


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13.30-15.00 CET

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