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Processing automation: When will the robots arrive?

Date: 30 November 2021

Register to learn how automation and robotics could help combat labor shortages in poultry processing. 

Chronic labor shortages in poultry processing plants were only exacerbated by the pandemic. Robots have been in poultry plants performing routine tasks like stacking boxes on pallets, but jobs that require more flexibility and need to be performed on items of varying shapes and sizes have been more difficult to automate. How and when will complex tasks like breast deboning or meat inspection and trimming be automated? Featured speakers include Gary V. McMurray, interim IRIM executive director & associate director, Collaborative Robotics and Division Chief, Principal Research Engineer, Food Processing Technology Division, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Mathias Konne, business development and marketing coordinator, North America, Staubli Corporation, and Jay Russell, key account manager, Marel Inc.

This webinar will broadcast at: 10:00 AM CST (Chicago) / 4:00 PM GMT (London) / 12:00 AM CST, Dec. 3 (Beijing).


  1. Learn how automation and robotics could help combat labor shortages in poultry processing. 
  2. Learn how advances in design have resulted in robots ready to tackle the unique environments of poultry processing plant. 
  3. Understand how to determine if a robot meets the individual needs of a poultry processing environment.

This is the sixth webinar of the '2021 Poultry Tech Summit Webinar Series: What’s coming next.' During this seven-part webinar series industry experts will preview what’s coming next – from prospective solutions to developing technology – for the poultry industry. 

This webinar series is sponsored by: Arm & Hammer, Aviagen, Baader, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cargill, Ceva, Chore-Time, Cobb, Evonik, Marel, Phibro Animal Health, Staubli, and Zoetis.

Presented by WATT Poultry and WATT Global Media.


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10.00 AM CST (Chicago) / 4.00 PM GMT (London) / 12.00 PM CST (Beijing)

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