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Antibiotic Reduction

Date: 25 November 2021

Poultry World webinar on Antibiotic Reduction

Join Poultry World’s webinar on Antibiotic Reduction

On the 25th of NovemberPoultry World will air its webinar on Antibiotic Reduction in poultry production.

The reduction of antibiotic usage, is first and foremost a human health issue. Preventing bacteria from becoming resistant is essential to ensure that these key medicines stay available to save lives. As the livestock sector is seen as a reservoir of resistant bacteria, caused by antibiotic usage, there is both legislative and societal pressure on the sector to improve its ‘act’ . Producing chicken with less or no antibiotics is the target, at the same time it is essential to keep the birds healthy. This is a quest for many poultry professionals all around the globe. This webinar and our 3 expert speakers aim to give some practical insight in current trends and share their antibiotic free experience. The topic will be viewed from a veterinary angle and a nutritional angle, as speakers will address solutions how to tackle gut health without the use of antibiotics and with the use of alternatives.


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