Friday, September 22, 2023
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Seminar Antibiotic Reduction

Date: 24 January 2023

In person seminar at IPPE on antibiotic reduction

The reduction of antibiotic usage, first with the ban of in feed antibiotics in Europe and in the US, and the following reduction of prescribed antibiotic usage, is first and foremost a human health issue. Preventing bacteria from becoming resistant is key. However, societal demand for a more sustainable way of production has a share in the trend for using less antibiotics too, as has the success of marketing meat produced without the administration of antimicrobials. Within these trends it is essential to keep the birds healthy using fewer or even no antibiotics. It is a quest for many poultry professionals all around the globe. This seminar aims to give practical insight in how to reduce antibiotics with the help of knowledge, management and additives, as well as reflect upon the effect of results already achieved on the resistance front.

This seminar can only be attended physically.


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