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horn Img 6244Peter Horn, University of Kaposvár earned his MS degree in agricultural sciences (1965), and PhD degree (1971) in poultry science in Gödöllő, Agricultural University. He founded the Department of Poultry, small Animal and Pig Science in Kaposvár in 1972 as associate professor. In 1986 he was named full professor, and was elected to be member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1985.

He held numerous courses mostly at postgraduate levels in poultry science and animal science in Kaposvár and other universities. Twenty-one Hungarian and foreign students completed their PhD degrees under his guidance. His research with his colleagues were focused on genotype environment interactions in layers, broilers and turkeys, expression of heterosis in different environments (1972-1985). They were the first to publish genetic and phenotypic correlations between traits in pigeons, and measured inbreeding depression in meat type and homing pigeons. In 1990 Peter established a unique digital imaging centre with computer (CT) and magnetic imaging tomographs (MRI) conducting research regarding in vivo measurement of age sex and genotype dependent body composition changes with chicken broilers, turkeys, laying hens and pigeons. Dynamic MRI and CT methods were developed to measure cardiovascular performance of turkeys, and fatty liver development in geese in vivo. He and his group cooperated also very closely with the players of the poultry industry since 1972 till the present day (Breeding companies, feed, and processing industry). Well over $7 million of national and international R&D support and grants have been awarded for their work over four decades.

In the field of poultry science Peter, along with his colleagues, published more than 110 papers in referred journals, and over 90 in other journals, he was editor and author of many chapters of eight major books and university textbooks. Since 1974 he presented 15 papers on WPSA World Congresses, and 13 papers on European Congresses, was invited speaker on more than 40 international conferences outside Hungary and over 70 in Hungary since 1968.
Peter served and serves on editorial boards of nine journals, including Worlds Poultry Science Journal, Livestock Science, Archives of Animal Breeding, Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics and others. He is the president of the Hungarian Branch of the WPSA since 1976 is the president of the Hungarian Animal Breeders Association since 1993, and is member of other international and national scientific associations. He has received 29 national and international awards honouring research, teaching and fruitful cooperation activities with the industry. Three Universities honoured him with the Honorius Causa Doctorate: Martin Luther Univ. Halle-Wittenberg (2002), University of Debrecen(2003), University of Gödöllő (2006).

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