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Farmer field schools for family poultry producers

2022 FAO Farmer field school

Year of publication: 2022
Place of publication: Rome, Italy
Pages: #220 p.
ISBN: 978-92-5-136286-0
Author: FAO, IFAD
Publisher: FAO

A growing number of poultry farmer field schools (FFS) are being implemented in developing countries by a wide range of actors. Experience over the past two decades has shown that good-quality facilitation and learning activities are key to the success and long-term sustainability of poultry FFS.

This manual provides practical information and activities that help facilitators establish and implement good-quality FFS. It focuses on working with women and men poultry producers to sustainably enhance production, productivity and marketing in any family poultry production system, ranging from extensive to small-scale intensified, in line with producers’ aspirations and local conditions. The first module of the manual covers poultry FFS establishment and learning activities, and the second provides “need-to-know” information on poultry production and health and FFS facilitation.


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FAO and IFAD. 2022. Farmer field schools for family poultry producers – A practical manual for facilitators. Rome.

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