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News and Careers

7 May 1953 - 13 January 2020

rutkowskiProfessor Andrzej Rutkowski, the President of the Polish Branch of World's Poultry Science Association (WPSA), died on Monday, 13 January 2020. Despite his illness, his death was sudden and certainly came too soon. The news saddened many people, who came to the funeral in great numbers five days later. He was born on 7 May 1953 in Poznań. He faced no dilemma as to the choice of his university studies, as he was always fascinated with animals. He was a very good student, a zootechnician ‘by calling,’ with a great sense of humour. In 1977, he defended his MA thesis entitled “An attempt to establish a standard in the research on the nutritional value of protein in chickens”. Prof A. Rutkowski was employed as a trainee assistant, then assistant and senior assistant in the Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Management. Andrzej obtained his PhD degree in his alma mater in 1984. Another step in his academic career, his habilitation, took place in 1996. Eight years later he received the title of Professor of Agricultural Science, by order of the President of Poland. The highlight of his career was receiving the highest academic honour, the title of Doctor Honoris causa, from the Senate of the University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz in 2019. The Professor’s academic interests were mainly focused around broadly interpreted efficiency of feeding poultry. The Professor’s greatest research undertaking of the last few years was an attempt to determine the possibility to use local protein feed in mixtures designed for broilers, laying hens and pigs, which was a multiannual program implemented by a resolution of the Polish Government and which has been continued since 2011. Another activity worth noting was heading many research programs financed from both the European Union funds and national resources. They stimulated cooperation with leading scientific centers in Poland and abroad. Such ambitious and broad scientific activity resulted in a rich published output consisting of 112 peer reviewed papers, 15 books, 61 popular science articles, and 141 conference reports. The Professor supervised 5 PhD students. He was the tutor of Student Scientific Society of Animal Science at the Poznan University of Life Sciences. As a result, he was awarded a prestigious title of the best lecturer in the Faculty of Animal Science and Biology in 2008. Prof. A. Rutkowski performed many organizational functions in his alma mater, in Poland, and abroad. He was the Head of the Experimental Station of Animal Nutrition in Gorzyń. This was a special mission. The Station became a modern scientific and didactic unit and its Head was awarded 600th Anniversary Medal for his contribution to building Gorzyń’s identity and wealth. The Professor was also the Head of the Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Management, a member of the Committee of Animal Science and Aquaculture at Polish Academy of Sciences as well as member of a prestigious German Society of Nutrition Physiology. His activity in the Polish Branch of WPSA is especially wort noting. He was the President of the PB WPSA since 2003. Andrzej was a member of the 2nd WG “Nutrition” at the European Federation of WPSA. Annual symposia of PB WPSA, exciting unflagging interest in both researchers and practicians fit into his scope of activity. He was entrusted the organization of the 22nd ESPN of WPSA in Gdańsk. The Professor was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit and the Order of Agricultural Merit. Until the end, he remained a tireless inspirer of successive scientific and organizational projects and emanated positive energy, with magnificent support from his wife.

Tomasz Szwaczkowski, Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland


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