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XIII European Poultry Conference

Tours, France, 23-27 August 2010

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S. Tesseraud, N. Everaert, S. Boussaid-Om Ezzine, A. Collin S. Metayer-Coustard and C. Berri

S. Boussaid-Om Ezzine, H. Mameri, S. Metayer-Coustard, A. Collin, E. Cailleau-Audouin, S. Crochet, A. Chagneau, I. Bouvarel, I. Seiliez, C. Leterrier and S. Tesseraud

A. Basheer, C. Haley and I. Dunn

A. Cahaner, Y. Hadad, D. Ben-Avraham and J. Hillel

H. Chapuis, M. Boscher, R. Faugeras, L. Genestout, J. Meriaux, K. Feve and D. Guemene

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