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XIII European Poultry Conference

Tours, France, 23-27 August 2010

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Y. Jego, G. Herbert and F. Fagnoul

W. Icken, S. Thurner, D. Cavero, M. Schmutz, G. Wendl and R. Preisinger

A. Wolc, I. White, M. Lisowski and W. Hill

M. Chabault, V. Gigaud, E. Baeza, P. Chartrin, H. Chapuis, M. Boulay, C. Arnould, C. Berri and E. Le Bihan-Duval

Emerging Poultry Diseases
 2.5 MB

D. Marc, T. Larcher, F. Cormier-Aline, P. Quere, D. Soubieux, S. Munier, L. Guigand, Y. Cherel and N. Naffakh

E. Niqueux, O. Guionie, M. Le Bras, C. Guillou Cloarec, K. Ogor, L. Le Moal, M. Amelot, F. Reynard, M. Bublot and V. Jestin

S. Gomis, S. Ekanayake, R. Goodhope, D. Ojkic, N. Ambrose, S. Tikoo and P. Willson

Y. Nys, S. Le Bouquin,W. Messens, K. Mertens, I. Dunn, A. Franchini, M. Bain, O. Sparagano, M. Hincke and A. Mathiaud

J. Santarosa, J.F.M. Menten, A.N. Figueiredo, A.B. Traldi, C.L.S. Silva and C.S. Silva

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